Is Your Twitter Account Affected Too?

We've addressed the most recent variant of the Mikeyy worm. Still, we suggest that you avoid viewing the profiles of users posting uncharacteristic or otherwise suspicious tweets.
This appeared as one of the recent Twitter statuses. Michael 'Mikeyy' Mooney, a Brooklyn teen created the worm called Mikeyy which affected Twitter two days ago. Afterwards, Mooney also got lucky with a spot-job from ExqSoft, which probably was looking for astute hackers.

The Mikeyy worm is primarily intended to send out unnecessary tweets from hijacked Twitter user accounts. The Oprah Winfrey account (@Oprah), CNN breaking news account (@Cnnbrk), and the Ellen DeGeneres Show account (@TheEllenShow) are only some of the celebrity Twitter accounts hijacked by Mikeyy.

Protect Your Twitter Account

I had shared my recent experience in which my Twitter and Facebook accounts were hacked by the wine guy or his compatriots. It is always wise to stay safe with your accounts, no matter how less often you use them. Here are some tips.

1. Remove your browser cookies and turn off JavaScript before doing the following.

2. Reset your passwords and use the most-difficult-to-guess ones.

3. Don't share your password with any unrecognized Twitter tools or online services.

4. Don't share your passwords.


If you have any experience with any account hijacking, like mine, please write about it in the comments. Also, don't forget to subscribe to my RSS feed.

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