Microsoft Vine: A New Contestant in Social Warfare

Vine networkTuesday, Microsoft announced its new social tool, MS Vine. It's private beta now, and you need an invitation to start on it. You can request one from the Vine home page. With pretty much everything to connect social networks like Facebook and Twitter, Vine will be a new social tool.

With Facebook on the top of social networks and even Google having its not-so-popular-in-the-US social network, Orkut, it was high time for MS to start one.

Vine can help you get alerts about your family, friends, and places you care about through a dashboard with a map-studded architecture. Vine, as envisaged by MS, is to keep people connected at the time of crises. This is why Vine connects you to about 20,000 news and public safety sources, which will update you about everything you care about.

Vine also works closely with Facebook and Twitter, sending status updates of your friends and family. In order to know more about Vine, check out the TechCrunch story.

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