Set Up Your Google Alerts to Protect Your Constant Content Submissions

Recently the website content freelancing company, Constant Content faced a serious content theft of their authors' content. This is a freelancing site (one of the best), where you can write and submit articles to sell them to website owners at great prices. You can read my review here: Constant Content Review.

This notification is for all those new authors at CC. CC doesn't let your full content on display normally. You can set how much of your content should a potential buyer see, in the "Content Details" field when you submit an article. I recommend that you never put the entire article in this field. Put only one third of the article, and it will be even better if you break it down unintelligibly. You can see it in my author page here.

Normally, a display article can't be copied and displayed on any website. But if that happens, you can now protect yourself from it. For this, CC provides a Google Alerts phrase. Go to your "My Account" page, and look for the Google Alerts phrase. It will be something like, "This article is property of Constant Content Writer xxxxx and is being printed here without the author's permission.". You need to set a Google Alert for this phrase, and if ever your content is stolen, you will get an alert as to where the stolen content appears. Here is the procedure:

  • Go to Google Alerts
  • Sign in and you will see Create an Alert option.
  • In the search terms field, put the above phrase with the quotes.
  • Choose comprehensive as type, 'as it happens' as frequency, and set your email address for delivery, and click Create Alert.

That's it. Now, whenever anyone copies content, you will get an alert, if Google picks up the copied content. If you ever get such an alert, simply contact Constant Content and let them know of it. They will take further action to take it down.

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