Turning Firefox Into Internet Explorer

There are quite a few online applications that still need the slower Internet Explorer browser to work better. In games such as Facebook Mob Wars, IE is the preferred browser for bounty hunting. But how can you, as a Firefox (Fx) lover, use these applications? I am definitely not going to crank up the old IE and wait to get it to do things. There is a better way for that. You can turn your Mozilla Firefox into Internet Explorer.

With a tiny add-on, you can make Firefox tabs turn into Internet Explorer tabs. The add on is the IE tab add-on available from Mozilla Add-on site. Simply click the button 'Add to Firefox' to start installation, and restart the browser once installed.

Once installed, you can convert any tab you open on Firefox into an Internet Explorer tab, which works on the IE rendering engine. You just need to right-click the title of the newly opened tab, and click the option, 'Switch Rendering Engine'. All your IE settings will be available on this tab. Any application that works only on IE can now be made to work inside Firefox.

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