What Went Wrong on the Web Yesterday?

Yesterday, the April fools' Day, Web went crazy with quite a lot of additions to entertain users. Various blogs, social networks, and companies had been part of this enormous scheme. Here are a few highlights I would like to discuss.

1. Google came up with a new tool, codenamed CADIE. Look at their official blog entry, and the CADIE page, which says "Please stand by while order is being restored." Check more on CADIE. Also check out the Google Twitter account, which CADIE used yesterday: @Google

2. Google Mobile launched Brain Search, based on CADIE.

3. Here is what happened in GMail: The autopilot. Now you don't need to send replies to all messages you get.

4. Google China launched the technology for map imagery collection using 32 million pigeons. Here is the entry translated from Chinese.

5. Youtube is upside down: New viewing experience.

6. Microsoft redesigned the Live home page to display the famous rabbit with three horns:

Live home

[for image, Thanks to Rustybrick, SE Roundtable]

7. Yahoo launched Ideological Search, which keeps controversy out of search results as they say. Here is the Ideological search home page.

8. The DailyBlogTips blog came up with one hell of a nice post, which tells about a website from which you can download the zipped packages of the entire World Wide Web, in 28 files of hundreds of GBs in size. Daniel also got a nice explanation for it all. You will find my comment too in the post.

And, well, you know what we had yesterday. Please share with us all pranks that you found elsewhere.

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