Windows 7 Test Release From Thursday

Microsoft will send out a release candidate (test version) of the latest Windows, Windows 7, next week for tests. The test version is available from Thursday for developers, though the public will get it from the fifth of May.

The good news is that the system requirements of Windows 7 are almost similar to that of Vista. So, most users won't have to worry about upgrading the hardware in order to run it.

1 Opinions:

  1. Could Windows 7 accomplish everything that's expected of it? I can say probably not, but it makes a damn good attempt. I found installing XP, Vista and Windows 7 on the same hardware over the space of a week also proved that point: Hardware just worked when I bootedTwitter up Windows 7 for the first time, while my machines were practically catatonic with XP until I dug up the drivers, and gimped with Vista until I dutifully updated.


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