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You may have noticed that in some of the previous posts, I have included online presentations, most of which are viewable directly from the browser, without having to download and view privately. Though you can create presentations using MS Office PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, or Open Office Impress and upload the files for online viewing, it seems easier to create the presentation itself online. In this article, let's see how you can do that.

1. Google Docs

Go to and sign in using your Google account. Google Docs provides a complete feature-rich presentation tool. Adding slides, describing them, adding pictures, animations, and videos with Google presentation tool are pretty easy. If you wish to use your offline presentation, you can upload it. The formats that can be uploaded include Microsoft and Open Office versions.

The completed presentations can be viewed online with a Google account. They can be embedded to any website.

2. Empressr

Empressr, which is a free online presentation tool lets you create a free account to create and store your presentations online. The service adverts itself as a free storytelling tool. Empressr lets you create slides with a lot of features, including embedding images from an image library, video, audio, and slide transitions.

Empressr is still in beta and you are allowed to create as many presentations as you wish at this period. You can store all these presentations securely in the Empressr server and can be shared with all your friends.

Adding tables, shapes, and charts to the presentations is also very easy with Empressr now.

3. Preezo

This presentation tool, Preezo, also enables you to upload PowerPoint presentations and convert them into the online form. Rich with slide layouts, text formatting functions, and slide transitions, Preezo is a great tool. Like Empressr, Preezo also lets you create libraries of images, which can be reused in different presentations. Preezo has a very usable interface, which reminds us of PowerPoint.

These presentations can then be published in Preezo and embedded to other websites using the HTML code provided.

4. 280Slides

280Slides is a business-purpose presentation creator that has interface similar to Apple Keynote. This feature-rich presentation can be tried free in the beta status.

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