There is No More GeoCities

GeoCities, Yahoo's popular free website creation service is coming to an end this year. The free hosting service, which was a hit for Yahoo since the beginning of this generation of the Web was not successful in terms of making money for the Web giant.

Yahoo had bought GeoCities in 1999 spending about 3.6 billion dollars. The following is what you will find at the GeoCities home page now.
geocities closed
Though the existing accounts will remain live, there is no guarantee that they will remain so in the future. As a measure to monetize GeoCities userbase, Yahoo recommends upgrade to the Yahoo Web Hosting Service as well.

2 Opinions:

  1. Nice sharing. I already long time didnt use geocities. :D

  2. it is a pity that geocities is going to die.It was my entrance to the web 1997 and I still use it for all kind of html testing or java gadgets. Its also my personal starting page on all the diffrent browsers I use- Where to go now?


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