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[A guest post by Bishal Adhikary from Tech Tips and Tricks]

Twitter has become a way of life for the tech savvy that are into Web 2.0 and blogging. A Twitter widget with the latest updates is indispensable for blogs these days. Generally, the Twitter widgets embedded on blogs are Flash based or generated via Javascript. There are many tools that help you create a Twitter widget. You can also create a custom Twitter widget using Google Spreadsheets. But do you know that you can also show your twitter updates on blogs as images? The best thing about images is that they can be used anywhere—forums, blogs, MySpace etc.

Tweetsnap []: When you open up tweetsnap, you will see a simple page with a field to enter your twitter username. After you enter your name and hit the Find button, you'll see your most recent tweet on a nice bluish Twitter widget that is in image format (png). Below it, you'll find snippets of code to copy and paste on your site. Just copy what's desirable for you and use it on your blog, forum etc.

TwitterSticker []: This one lets you choose from a couple of images. Select one among the four different types of images. Now go ahead and enter your twitter username and customize the font, rotation, text wrap, etc. One great option about TwitterSticker is that you can set an angle for your text so that it appears diagonally on the badge.

SayTweet []: It first asks you to upload one of your images. You can also add a group photo of you and your friends. This amazing tool lets you add your Twitter update on this image in speech bubbles. The unique feature of this is that you can add multiple Twitter usernames and show tweets from everyone. I think it's the coolest way to display tweets.

So play around with these tools and get a pretty twitter badge to put in your site, forums, or anywhere else. You can also embellish your twitter page by creating a custom Twitter background.

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  1. My favorite tweet widget is the Tweetsnap. Small, efficient and very handy. Highly recommended.


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