How to Find Friends From Gmail Contact List Who are on Facebook and Vice Versa

When a new user signs up for Facebook, he is prompted to use the friend finder that allows the user to find the friends who are on his email contact list. Facebook’s Friend Finder is integrated with the major email services like Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail etc and makes it easier to add your friends to your Facebook profile. But last December, Google made some slight changes in its Terms of Service saying that any service that accesses Google’s Contacts API (that supports OAuth) will need to offer reciprocity. As Facebook doesn’t allow that, you won’t be able to directly import the contacts to Facebook by direct communication with Gmail. But you can export your Gmail contacts and then import them to Facebook. You can also pull contacts from Facebook to Gmail with Yahoo as the intermediate between them.

Facebook had added a direct link to export all Gmail contacts but now that has been removed. So you’ll need to export the contacts using Gmail’s interface. To do this, click on “Contacts” on the left hand menu of Gmail. From the More Actions dropdown, select “Export Contacts”. Choose the Contact group that you want to export or just export your whole contact list in Outlook CSV format. Download it and headover to Facebook friend finder. Click on “Other Tools” and then on “Upload Contact File”. Now upload the contact file downloaded from Gmail and you’re done.

Now you can also add friends from Facebook to your Gmail contacts. Well Facebook doesn’t allow direct integration with Gmail services. So, you’ll have to take the help of Yahoo account. For this purpose, login to your Yahoo account and click on “Contacts” from the menu. Now you’ll see all your contacts in a list. Next go to Tools>Import or access it directly from the link below “Popular Tools”. Now select Facebook and provide your Facebook credentials. Don’t worry, the authorization process is safe and secured. Confirm for Importing email addresses and in a few moments, all your Facebook contacts can be found in your Yahoo contacts. Next step is to export this as a CSV file which you can do from Tools> Export. Download the CSV file to your hard disk. Now, head over to Gmail again and import this file from the same place where you exported your contacts. A few seconds later, all the contact information of your Facebook friends will land to your Gmail contacts.

With this little workaround, you can find friends from Gmail contact list who are on Facebook and vice versa.

Guest post made by Bishal Adhikari from Tech Tips

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