Are You Using This At All?

Hi all, this is a blog notification.

Are you really using the resources available to you through this blog productively? The title page of this blog itself proclaims what its aim is, and how I have envisage it. This is purely meant to cater to those aspirant writers who wish to improve their writing and language skills.

Though I am posting here what I think would be apt for clarifying most of the doubts aspirant writers might have, I have no idea what specific doubts, troubles, etc., you might have. For that, as I always say in almost every post, please comment on. Unless you comment, I have no means to know what you need, dear friends. So, be agile and keep commenting your doubts. Read the posts, and if you found anything needing clarification, post your comment right away.

I am very agile in answering your questions and definitely will answer them ASAP. And if you need any particular topic to be addressed in one of the posts, make a request through the comments. I need the blog to be an active place of discussion. Don’t you think it should be like that?

And to the senior members who find time and read through these pages, I have a request. Why not share your knowledge? There are some people who already are great published writers reading this blog, or occasionally checking it. If you are one, why not share your reviews, any extra suggestions or points you may have, etc?

So, to help you become successful, help me by commenting.

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