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NYC Midnight's Creative Writing Championship 2009

[A guest post by Nathalie Raben from NYC Midnight] Get those ball points ready to roll with NYC Midnight's 2009 Creative Writing Championships . This flash fiction contest invites writers from all regions to compete against one another in a World Cup-style writing race. For each challenge, writers are placed in different heats and assigned a specific genre and object. They then have a specific amount of time to pen their 1,000 word short stories, which will then go before a panel of esteemed judges in the professional writing world. Feedback will be provided for each story, and winners will be ranked challenge by challenge in a point system that mirrors the World Cup. All participants are competing for a chance to win up to $2,000 in cash and prizes. Devising creative contests in nothing new for NYC Midnight, an organization that derives its' name from the all nighters often associated with creative thinking. Registration for the Creative Writing Challenge closes on Wednes