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May 2008: Monthly Post Recap

Sentence Fragments and Independent Clauses Creative Writing Done in the Right Way: Character Development and Plotting Special Post: Procrastination! Procrastination! And Procrastination! Elliptical Constructions (Elliptical Clauses) Dean Koontz: A Writer Par Excellence Avoid These Comparative Form Errors Unethical Business Practices by Associated Content (AC) Popular Idioms and Usages Part I What Is DoFollow? Guide: How to Make Blogspot Blogs DoFollow? Hail! These Talents: Victor Hugo and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Copywriting Industry and Advertisement Scams: A Review Rethinking and Revising Imagery Popular Idioms and Usages Part H Punctuation Tip: When and When Not to Use the Colon Special Post: Tributes to Monilal Editing Blues: Some Tips to Edit Your Writing Popular Idioms and Usages Part G Some Thoughts on Revising a Novel Published Writer Posting as Guest Rise of a Disputing Task force: What Exactly is Showing? A List Apart: A Review Creative Writing: Some Though

Sentence Fragments and Independent Clauses

All sentences should be able to stand by themselves. A complete sentence has a subject and a verb, and optionally an object. Sentence fragments fail in this sense in that they lack one or the other. Fragments are a grammatical error . Usually fragments are those thoughts, which got disconnected from the main sentence, and stands out all by themselves. But it is correct only in cases when the f ragments are powerful enough to stand alone and convey a logical meaning . Usually such fragments are encountered in fiction writing. She felt she never encountered such drastic situation. Never. In this sentence, ‘Never’ stands out as a sentence. It’s a fragment. It is however correct to put such fragments when they are very small and can mostly convey a logical meaning. But in cases where the fragments are larger, with more than two words, it is apt to rewrite them . For instance: Anoop has three brothers. Ajay, Vijay, and Vimal. All of them are doctors now. Well settled in the US with

Creative Writing Done in the Right Way: Character Development and Plotting

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special Notification: The PublicLiterature Story Published Hi friends, you might have read my previous post about the short story to be published in PublicLiterature.Org . That story, titled ‘Sacrifice’ has been published successfully. Thanks to my friend Jack Dale for taking a quick action on it. I am hoping to find myself submitting more and more to that website in the coming days. Please find the link to the story here . ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most aspirant writers are very confused of various aspects of creative writing : plotting and character development are the most important among them. Characters make a story, their story. Most people find it difficult to speculate these aspects of creative writing. But here are some tips for you to work on your short story or novel which you are working on. Character Building To craft good ch

Special Post: Procrastination! Procrastination! And Procrastination!

I had earlier told you readers that I was about to contribute a story to . That was what I was at work all these days. I wrote once, then rewrote, then rewrote, then rewrote, rewrote, rewrote,…………………. What the heck! I could never get it right—to my satisfaction. I don’t think it will ever improve either. At last, now I just got something here and there right with that story. I believe it could be submitted to PublicLiterature now. I am about to do so. In this post, I would like to share with you my thoughts on working with that story. It’s a short story ( here is the link to it at PublicLiterature ) about a girl being cheated to prostitution. It’s a story based in a small southern Indian city, Trivandrum, my hometown . I believe I can write a story based in my place better than one based in any other place. So, I decided to do so. I sat down to write this story as soon as my friend Jack Dale of PublicLiterature sent me the user name and password for

Elliptical Constructions (Elliptical Clauses)

This post is dedicated to Noah Webster and Ian Fleming (look at the History Today section below). Elliptical Clauses or Elliptical Constructions are some special clauses in English, in which certain words are omitted. The avoided words are implied within the clause itself; so, letting them out doesn’t change the meaning of the sentence in any way. Also, letting out some words may make the sentence better by avoiding redundancy. For example: Tim types fast, and I do too (I type fast too). Mary couldn’t complete the course, but I don’t know why (he couldn’t complete the course). Mike has two children, and Joe has five (Joe has five children). The sentences are meaningful without the words given in brackets. These are, however, perfect only with the words in the brackets, but adding those words would make the sentences rather bad looking and redundant. So, it is better to avoid them. However, the elliptical clauses are correct only in situations, where the meanin

Dean R Koontz: A Horror Writer Par Excellence

Watchers , released in 1988, was the first Dean Koontz work I read. And that novel compelled me and kept me reading till about three fourth on the first day itself . I finished the novel within 2 days. Such compelling, engaging, and realistically involving was that novel. Afterward, I read several other works of Koontz and became his fan, but never did I come across a novel more fantastic than Watchers. It remains my ultimate Dean Koontz favorite. Koontz, one of the top selling fiction writers in the US, has sold over 300 million of his books . And with nearly a hundred written works, he is one of the most prolific writers of all time. Koontz was born in Pennsylvania in 1945 . After graduating from Shippensburg University , he associated with a poverty eradication program as a counselor. Koontz, who grew up in extreme poverty, suffering the violence of his alcoholic father, aptly turned to the profession of a horror writer. To support his family , he started writing Science Fictio

Avoid These Comparative Form Errors

It has been some time since my last post related to grammar, on subjunctive forms . So, here comes one. Now we are going to look at the comparative forms of adjectives, and will give focus on simple sentences, which are often mistaken in writing. I believe giving small helpful tips like this in simpler posts would be more effective to better writing than publishing a whopper of a post with everything in it. There are three forms for adjectives, as you all know: Positive, Comparative, and Superlative. Here we will discuss some errors encountered in the comparative form, which may make the sentences mean entirely wrong. The comparative form is associated with ‘than’ or ‘as’ in some instances. For instance, look at the following sentences: Ron is fatter than Bob. Ron is as fat as George. Here, we are saying that Ron has more of fatness than Bob. So, we use the word ‘than’. All of you know this, and clearly understand it. Now, check out these instances: He beat her mo

Unethical Business Practices by Associated Content (AC)

Useful Resources Freelance job at Constant Content Freelance for a 6 figure income Get paid to write on the Internet 25 Ways to write for income on the Internet Work from home as a virtual assistant Freelance for fortune 500 companies Today’s Internet slogan is ‘Content is King’ . If you have well-written, keyword rich content, without grammatical errors, then you can rank very high on search engine results, thus making a lot of money. With this business idea, several companies have sprung up, and Associated Content (who call themselves, People’s Media Company) is one among them. Here, we will try to find answers to these questions: 1. What exactly is Associated Content (if you don’t already know this)? 2. Is it really worthwhile to work with them? 3. Why should you steer right clear of them? What is Associated Content (AC) Associated Content (AC) is a website, in which you can earn money submitting content (text, video, audio, or images) . Anyone from anywhere in the

Popular Idioms and Usages Part I

After introducing you to my idioms and usages series, here is the eighth in the series. Please also visit other items in this popular idioms series, and voice your comments. If I had my druthers : If I could choose what I could do. I will go to the foot of our stairs : Expression of surprise. In a quandary : Not knowing which to choose. In like Flynn : Someone got it made, originated from Hollywood actor Errol Flynn. In someone’s bad books : To be in disgrace. In stitches : Laughing outrageously. In the bag : Well secured. In the buff : Naked. In the cart : In trouble. In the catbird seat : In the control of a situation. In the club : Pregnant. (or “in the pudding club”) In the limelight : At the center of attention. In the offing : Likely to happen in some time. In the red : In debt or need for money. In the pink : In good health. In your face : In a bold aggressive manner. Indian giver : One who gives a gift only to take it back later (I am an Indian myself, but I don

What Is DoFollow? Guide: How to Make Blogspot Blogs Dofollow?

Dear friends, this is a blog notification post. I have decided to make my blog, DoFollow. You will find the comment policy updated on the sidebar about this (please look at the left sidebar). [Edit: The blog is no longer DoFollow due to loads of spam comments it attracted ] Backlinks are very important for your websites. They are like votes cast by one respectable website to another, and they will greatly increase the site’s traffic. When one gets many backlinks, one’s site’s ranking in search engine results will skyrocket. Search engines use programs called search bots or web crawlers to access and index web pages. That’s how you see websites in the search results of Google and Yahoo!. If your site ranks high for any search terms related to the products you promote, you can get several potential customers (a very daunting task indeed). Now, in order for you to get business, you must rank high in search engines , and the most important thing that will help you in this is link build

Hail! These Talents: Victor Hugo and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

One of the greatest writers in the world literature ever, Victor Hugo, passed away this day in 1885 , and another master in literature, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was born this day in 1859 . This post is as special dedication to both of them. Victor Hugo Monument of Victor Hugo in Palais Royal Garden Victor Hugo was one of the most celebrated French author and creator of Les Miserables (The Miserable) and Notre Dame de Paris (Hunchback of Notre’ Dame). Young Hugo Our heartfelt tributes to this great man. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes, the most famous fictional character in English literature, was born this day in 1859. When I started research on my History Today section after finishing a post on another topic, I found that today is the date of birth of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. How, then, can I ignore him in this blog on writing? Sir Doyle, one of my most favorite authors and creator of my most favorite fictional character cannot