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Five Best Places to Read and Download English Classic Books

Do you know that the books which have their authors dead more than seventy years (numbers vary in various countries) have expired their copyrights? All or most of the English classic books by the greatest of authors, such as Charles Dickens , William Shakespeare, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle , Aldous Huxley, James Joyce, Jules Vern, and many others are hence available free to download online from various places. Let's check them out today. 1. Project Gutenberg: The Ultimate Place [ ] It is from the Project Gutenberg that digitizing and cataloging all books that lost their copyright started originally. PG is the oldest digital library, started in 1971, and holds as many as 27,000 books as of now. It is a volunteer-based service, for which thousands of people from worldwide participates. You can too . Among the greatest of Internet personalities, Michael Hart, the founder of Project Gutenberg, should be counted as one of the first. You can download these classics, mos

Connecting Ideas and Thoughts With Coherence

Writing a good article requires you to connect well with the readers. In case of blogs, this is especially true since they represent more or less colloquial use of language. It is hence very important to connect your thoughts and sentences well without overlapping or interleaving thoughts which go someplace else. When you write a paragraph, there are often ideas that have relationships with the ones that precede them. Such ideas have to be interconnected with transitional tags. Here are the various connectives you can use for various requirements. Adding ideas Use: and, also, in addition, again, and then, besides, further, furthermore, in the first place, moreover, still, too Comparison Use: also, likewise, in the same way, similarly, exactly Contrast Use: although, however, nevertheless, notwithstanding, yet, at the same time, in spite of that, despite, even so, even though, for all that, in contrast, instead, on the contrary, on the other hand, otherwise, regardless, still, th

Blog Notification: What Happened Last Week?

By now, all my honest readers have seen that there have been no updates since the nineteenth; here is what happened. It was quite a normal day, the nineteenth of this month. I rather felt that nothing was wrong until I discovered a horrible thing when I started my computer. I had lost all of my software and important blogging data! I use four partitions on my system to store software and data. They are differentiated for the Operating System, all of the software, some entertainment stuff, and an emergency backup/crash drive. For the time being, let me tell you the sad state of the crash drive; it was full with some downloads, movies, and some of the software setup files. All these partitions are on two hard drives—The OS and entertainment stuff partition on the first, and software and crash drive on the second. The software partition on the second drive had failed overnight, taking with it all of what it contained. There were quite a few bad sectors, which caused it not be recogniz

Online Surveys With

Free or advanced, online surveys are now pretty easy with this service, Zoomerang. Companies and other institutions use online surveys to estimate which products really matter and which modifications are more marketable for them. In such surveys, companies like Zoomerang, which has over 2 million people ready to opine, will help greatly. Get to Zoomerang here: online surveys Zoomerang helps you reach the target audience of your products by helping you get some opinion. This is all you need: first identify the size of the population you need (whether it is 2 million or just 2,000); determine the accuracy of survey (Zoomerang can offer you almost 95 per cent accuracy); estimate how many surveys you need; and send money! That's it. Zoomerang has three editions: Basic, Pro, and Premium. Basic is the free and limited edition of the power-packed online survey tool. It comes with 30 questions per survey and maximum of a hundred responses. On the other hand, the Pro edition comes w

Review of Blog Community Site

Do you want an unlimited blog, everything included? Then, the unlimited Blog Site is what you should be looking for. is a free online community that comes with blogs, live discussions, photo and video sharing, and podcasting. This is all free and unlike other blogging platforms, comes with unlimited bandwidth. Internet entrepreneur, Ben Ogden, created this all-inclusive social network of bloggers and podcasters. However, people older than 14 years only can join as of now. And perhaps this is the only place you get unlimited free space absolutely free. Another advantage of blogs is that they are all created as subfolders rather than subdomains as in Blogger and WordPress. In subdomains, the search engine indexing is like that for a separate website and hence takes time, while subfolders are indexed faster. So, you can hope for early search visits. Also, unlike other social networks such as Facebook we know, you don't need a

Difference Between Adjectives and Adverbs With Examples

Here we make a comeback to the grammar topic for bloggers, writers, and webmasters. Let's look at a popular topic: difference between adjectives and adverbs. I have received two or three mails from readers asking to post difference between them. An adjective is any term that modifies a particular noun, such as those italicized in the following sentences; the part in bold are the modified nouns. Studious John finds it easy to complete his lessons. Tom, who is fast and furious, finds it difficult to make friends. I am happy to learn that you weren't hurt. On the other hand, an adverb modifies a verb, an adjective, or another adverb. Examples are below. Joe finished her lessons quickly to move out earlier. The happily married couple has two pet dogs. Eerily disturbing, the night passed much slowly. John creates troubles very easily. Above, the part 'eerily disturbing' is itself a compound adjective that modifies 'the night'; so is 'happily marrie

Make Your Blog Post Permalinks More Attractive

A blog post permalink with all your main keywords always ranks better than any normal permalink. You can do this on Blogger as well as WordPress. Simply follow these guidelines. In Blogger, simply publish your latest post with only the main three keywords (not more than three) in the title. Then edit the post to change the title and content to the original post. That's it. In WordPress, you can directly edit the post permalink, but I saw that you need to wait a moment before this editing feature is enabled. It comes as a short snippet below the post title. Simply click the 'edit' button and change the permalink to remove prepositions and add any non-appearing keywords.

Subject Verb Agreement With Examples

Here are a few examples: My cat seems in need for milk. My friends and I were walking by the park when we saw Jim sitting in. Joe as well as her friends is very playful. Either Sally or her cousins are afraid of dogs. Neither Sally's cousins nor she is afraid of cats. In all of these sentences, we have used appropriate verb forms. The subject verb agreement rules that the singular subject needs a singular verb and plural subject, plural verb. This rule is pretty obvious in simple sentences like the first two above, but the others seem to need some more clarification. 1. As Well As When combining any two subjects with as well as, always agree the verb with the first subject. Examples: Jim as well as his friends is a good swimmer. Jim's friends as well as Jim are good swimmers. Emmerich's films as well as Spielberg's are interesting to me. 2. Either (Neither) Or When combining subjects with 'or', always agree with the subject nearest to the ver