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Responses to the Twitter Follower Question About Guest Blogging

Yesterday, we were doing a Twitter poll through @ vjlenin and @ laurelshere . Here is the question: Follower Question: Would you rather guest-blog for a professional high-traffic blog to get your voice out or simply to promote your blog? Here are the responses we received: @ Susangiurleo : To get voice out there. That will lead traffic to my blog. @ Mbtemiz : It depends on the high-traffic blog. @ Raincoaster : For money. [ My reply: That's a mean attitude, right?!] @ Colttrickle : To promote my own blog. @ LizS4ra : I'm not a professional blogger; so, I would say no. I'd be too scared of getting things wrong. [ My reply: Liz, none of the guest-bloggers who blog in professional blogs are professional bloggers. And did you know that professional bloggers are always on the lookout of guests?] @ Lhrowley : I think both... promoting your blog serves the purpose of getting your voice out. @ B2beditor : I'd do a guest blog to promote my blog. @ T

How, When, and Where to Use Absolute Constructions?

We haven't been touching the grammar topics lately. Therefore, here is a comeback. We are dealing with absolute constructions here. An absolute construction consists of a noun and an associated modifier, which together forms an introduction to the whole sentence. The other part of the sentence is itself a standalone sentence. Examples are below: The gun fully loaded, we found it easy to pass the forest. Fog all over the place , they found it difficult to see anything. She found her pet dog in the middle of the yard, its feet wounded . All things considered , we found it acceptable to invest more this year. The italicized parts are absolute constructions. Absolute constructions are applied to the entire sentence, rather than only the subject or the object as a dangling modifier or participial phrase would be. This construction can also be used to conjoin two sentences. Example: Millions of copies of the novels by Salman Rushdie have been sold out. He is regarded to

Eight Mistakes in Creative Writing

We haven't been updating about creative writing for some time due to readers' interest in various other topics, and my exploring them further. Here is a revisit to it. We will see why you can be unsuccessful in writing business. Here are eight of the severest mistakes creative writers can do. 1. Not Writing at All If you are a writer, not writing is like not breathing and still looking to live. Most of the time, the writer's block may be the reason why you are not writing. In that case, use my writer's block tips to fight it. But keep writing always, no matter how crappy what you come up with is. 2. Not Reading at All Reading a lot gives you inspiration and words to write further. Refraining from it will simply make your writing stale and uninteresting at the least. At the most, you will simply lose your writing skill. Hence, keep reading without fail. 3. Taking Negative Comments Personally A mistake any budding writer can do. Negative comments always come