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March 2008: Monthly Post Recap

Concrete Writing Copywriters: Who Are They? Some Punctuation Tips, Just for You The Comma Rules of Punctuation Constant Content: The Best Field for Technical Writing Common Man's Copyright: Creative Commons Blogit: A Pure, Consummate Scam Importance of Grammar Why Waste Words in Writing CuteWriting: An Introduction

Concrete Writing

The writing you can do may be of two types. It can be either creative, concrete writing or non-creative, non-fictional, abstract writing. Both these forms of writing are apt for specific situations. One form of writing good for a particular situation may not be suited for another situation. Abstract writing is applicable in articles like the one you are reading now. When to express facts, it is good to be general and abstract. It is very easy to write in an abstract fashion and most of the time when we write, the first draft generally tends to be highly abstract. It is when we do the rethinking, remodeling the facts that we generate ideas to make the writing more concrete. Concrete writing is very important for the fiction. When you write the short stories or fiction content, what you do is show the readers what is happening than tell them about it. For instance: There once lived a king, in a distant kingdom. The king had three daughters and one son. One day,

Copywriters, Who Are They?

Copywriting is the art of writing website content, meant to introduce a particular product or service in the form of an advertisement or for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A piece of copywritten content, if written by a professional, is usually so well written that they will interest in purchasing the product. Advertisement copywriting and SEO copywriting are two different areas of copywriting expertise . It is important for you to understand what each of them is. In the case of advertisement copywriting, what a copywriter does is rewrite the product description of the product to be promoted and let the readers know of the importance of the product. This website copy is well optimized to delve into the minds of the readers and gives them a psychological prompt , which will eventually make them purchase the product. For becoming an advertisement copywriter, you need great command over the language, with huge enough vocabulary to make people feel. Your language should be so concrete

Some Punctuation Tips, Just for You

In my last article, I described how to use commas correctly . Here are some more tips, which will improve your punctuation. These tips give a standard to punctuate elements like etc., e.g., i.e., etc. As I said in the comma rules article, you should always have a comma after these elements: “Exempli gratia (e.g.),” Latin meaning for example “Id est (i.e.),” Latin meaning that is “Et cetera (etc.),” Latin meaning and so on All of these take a comma after the period . This should be followed, though so many occasions makes it difficult to follow the rule. Let’s analyze the exceptions. 1. When it ends a sentence, the appropriate punctuation is always a period (or exclamation mark or question mark according to the type of the sentence). Hence, you can’t obviously put a comma after etc when it ends a sentence. If you are using parenthetical elements, you normally put the element separated from the main sentence by commas. However, if you have yet another element, parenthesized within the

The Comma Rules of Punctuation

Using the comma in a piece of writing is extremely confusing to most, most of the time. Also, it takes more rules than any other punctuation mark out there. The rules of using commas correctly in written discourse are as follows. The Rules of Commas 1. The most important and widely used separate items in a list of entries . For instance: Margaret, John, and Harry were present in the room when I reached. There is a comma used before and , it is known as Oxford comma owing to its promotion British English style more than in the American. It is a punctuation used to avoid confusion, though many writers still go without it. 2. Parenthetical elements , which may or may not be part of the sentence, but describes some external attribute of the subject, take comma in it. For instance: Johnny, who survived by chance, is still in comma. 3. Introductory phrases take comma afterward. Some of the introductory phrases begin with when, where, etc., use commas after them. When Johnny had the acciden

Constant Content: The Best Field for Technical Writing

Useful Links Constant-Content: Start Your Freelancing Career Blogging Job to Make Money Writing Online Blog and Make Money With Product Links Paid Blogging & Blog Monetization If you believe that there is a writer in you (whether technical or non-technical), then freelancing industry is for you. There are writers out there who earn anything from thousands of dollars to several thousands each month in the comfort of their own home, writing online for webmaster clients. The biggest advantage is that you get to set your own schedule . Here is an article on the best freelancing company in the Internet in technical freelance writing field. What is Constant Content (CC) Constant Content is a web-freelancing website, making freelancing easier for content creators. This is a website marketing any content we create—articles, videos, images, or illustrations; it is a great place to prove your worth as an online content creator. Constant Content is also a well- closed community of highly

Common Man's Copyright: Creative Commons

We, the common people, writers of the Internet, and mostly unpublished, look ardently at those great top authors of best-sellers, and just drool when we see their copyright notices . Copyright © Stephen King 2008 , all rights reserved! Wow, we think, when do we actually see such a page in action with our name in it? In the meanwhile, there is another question looming in the horizon, particularly for the people like us, who publish online profusely, but most of the time get our content stolen , taken up by amateurs, who just happen to view the power and reach of the professional content, and just copy and use it in their websites (I regard intellectual property theft or plagiarism as more severe and despicable than murder). We have to protect our hard work (by copyrighting) ; we have to find some ways to get it copyrighted, so we can claim our work as our own whenever we want. How? Well, that’s actually pretty easy. You should know that copyright is a natural attribute that exis

Blogit: A Pure, Consummate Scam

I recently stumbled upon a new blogging company named Blogit , while checking for genuine paid writing opportunities. It seems that Blogit has successfully recreated neocolonialism in the Web publishing industry . If you check out the front page of Blogit ( you will see a highly inspirational post by a person named H Lari, elaborating about the service and how he was inspired to start this business. It seems that he leads and promotes the company, Shaycom Corporation, which is behind Blogit. Let’s look at the business practice of this company, and see how big, original, convincing, legal, and wicked scam it is. Blogit and Its Business Blogit is a website, in which you can earn money by writing blog content , by publishing blog posts as you normally would in any blog platform. The catch is that you need to pay them to get access to their system . It's a pay-them-to-pay-you system. According to H Lari, there are members on Blogit, who have made

Importance of Grammar

Okay, its time for us to look at the first rule of writing: good grammar. Grammar is the science of language. As every field of study depends on its own rules to evolve, language has its own rules defined under the cute name of ‘Grammar.’ ‘Grammar’ hails from grammaire (French), grammatikos (Greek), or grammatica (Latin), all meaning “relating to letters,” according to the Oxford Concise Dictionary. Why we require grammar to our writing is often disputed. Spoken communication usually expands outside the boundaries of grammar and draws its own territories, usage rules of speech. Written language, however, retains the same old forte of usage rules, and ever since showed inhibition to come out. Written language in this sense always retained its grace and elegance, while spoken discourse went out of its way defaming itself. “I Gotta do it!” “Are you gonna come?” and much more of those colloquial usage forms prove this fact. Such forms can be described by one word (I found used in “

Why Waste Words in Writing

When you can simply say “I can do that” why do you tend to write “I am equipped for that?” Why do you tend to say more than enough? This is wasting words . One of the most indefensible writing crimes! As far as I am concerned, most writers do this crime of wasting a lot of words . Let’s look at it here. Say, an author wastes one word in every five sentences. There are 80,000 words in his latest novel. And there are 4 words in average in each sentence. This means ideally he wastes the first word of every sentence! Okay, here goes my calculation… Totally 80,000 divided by (4*5) is what we want (is my math correct? I am weak in it). So, it is 4000. Our author wasted 4000 words in his novel. Now, to read those 4000 words , a reader requires one hour extra, let’s assume. And this is highly economical. Most authors waste far more than that. One more assumption: our author has twenty books in writing (20 best sellers, each sold one million copies). Now, each book make

Cute Writing: An Introduction

There are some top bloggers and writers out there. But why there are so few, while so many out there write, warrants an explanation. Top bloggers and writers write content, which you would just sit and read, as you would watch a film. In a world with ten billion intelligent inhabitants, not one million, not ten thousand, not even thousand great writers are there. There are tens of thousands of doctors, so many lawyers, so many engineers, so many scientists, so many… what not! But writers, so few! Despite being a lot simpler task than what these guys do, writing has too few great exponents of that. Why we have this limitation is to be pondered much. My first mission to start this blog here is in view of creating some good writers. Becoming a great writer (like Charles Dickens or Ernest Hemingway ) is almost impossible. So, become at least a good writer, why not? Good writing is not lifting a thousand pounds. It is not thinking like Einstein. It is not even as hard as cooking meals. It