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Constant Content: The Best Field for Technical Writing

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If you believe that there is a writer in you (whether technical or non-technical), then freelancing industry is for you. There are writers out there who earn anything from thousands of dollars to several thousands each month in the comfort of their own home, writing online for webmaster clients. The biggest advantage is that you get to set your own schedule. Here is an article on the best freelancing company in the Internet in technical freelance writing field.

What is Constant Content (CC)

Constant Content is a web-freelancing website, making freelancing easier for content creators. This is a website marketing any content we create—articles, videos, images, or illustrations; it is a great place to prove your worth as an online content creator. Constant Content is also a well-closed community of highly successful authors in the Internet.

Constant Content markets articles to webmasters out there, and it is perhaps the largest article marketer with a clan of over 12,000 writers. You should try this instead of getting defrauded by writing scams like Blogit or Associated Content, which is totally unethical in paying its writers. Constant Content (CC) is free for everyone, author or purchaser to sign up. The webmasters looking for quality content for their sites make CC their haunt. They are prepared to pay the authors any amount of money for their quality content.

As an already successful writer with CC, I am your best example of how to succeed there. I mainly write technical articles on major web technologies, and review the newest technologies. These articles are in big demand with the webmasters out there. I sincerely believe that CC gives the best exposure to technical writers than any other market.

The Business Outline

The business outline of Constant Content is very simple. Here, all you do is sign up free and start writing on anything you wish to write about. Once your article is completed and submitted (and you set the price of the article), Ed, the editor of CC, will review your article: check for spelling, grammar, writing style, and punctuation errors and will post your article (that is if accepted) for purchase. If any purchaser is interested in the content you offer, she can purchase it directly from CC (at the price set by YOU), and you will get 65 % of the sales money. The rest goes to CC as commission.

About the topics: You can submit content on absolutely any topic out there—technical, Internet, non-technical, cuisine, travel-related, culture, dressing, news stories, blog articles, web technologies, lifestyle, pet care, special art forms, celebrities, etc. Just choose the appropriate category from the category list when you submit.

Value of Language Proficiency

Though this is quite understandable, wonderful business idea, Constant Content has too few recognized (selling) authors in there. Why is this so? The answer is crystal-clear. CC has thrived in website content creation because it markets the best content, and the best content creators are not too many out there. Also, writing with CC is not easy. It is not blog content you write there; so, your grammar and punctuation has to be perfect. Talented writers are at a minimum in the world, and if you are one, CC is the right place to prove your worth.

Also, some of the writers in CC are recognized SEO copywriters. Their content, which promotes itself in the search engine rankings, is highly sought after. Customers give private request to such authors to create special content for them; once you start to get private requests, your earnings will skyrocket in CC.

CC Forum to Your Help

If you have any trouble getting your content accepted, there is a wonderful group of writers who are willing to help you in any extent. Just get yourself down to the CC forum and voice your doubts and queries. Writers including me are there for your rescue. All writers there are wonderful, sharing with you their best knowledge on everything. We make a nicely closed, engaging social network.

In CC, besides text you can submit videos, images, and illustrations. These other forms of content are also priced according to the author preferences. Though these other forms of content exist, all major purchases are for the text content (text content with proper keywords only can rank the websites very high). So, there are too few videos and illustrations.

Rights on the Content

Three types of rights for the content are available for purchasers—usage rights, unique rights, and full rights. Most of the content purchases are for full rights, since it imparts all the rights to the purchaser; so she can post the content anywhere, and modify it in any way. The full rights purchase rids the author of his right on the article. In the usage rights and unique rights, the authors retain their rights. The difference is that, in unique rights, the purchaser cannot modify the content and the author cannot republish the same content for a designated period.

Referral Scheme

Another advantage on CC is the authors can earn from their referrals. Authors who have affiliates in CC get paid 5 % of the sales earnings from the sales made by the affiliates, taken from the commission CC collects. So, you get the option of setting your content prices according to the earnings from your referrals. Sign up on CC and take advantage of this refferal scheme as well.

Set Your Prices Carefully

When setting price for your articles, you can put any price; Constant Content doesn’t interfere with that at all. But, it is highly advisable to set reasonable prices for the articles, since you want them purchased (I charge $20-50 for 500 words) Also, if your content is very effective, well researched, skillfully written, then you can charge high. Also, if your content is on any emerging technology, which is extremely sought after, highly marketable stuff, then you can afford to raise your price to any profitable extent. People will pay for good quality content. Also note, if you are creating introductory pieces, without much detailed information, then lower the prices.

For more information, and for signing up as my referral, please visit: Constant Content. Also, check out my user profile in CC.

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  1. Hi V. I am jak at CC, but I'm locked out of the forum so can't reply to you there. (Waiting for support to help me with that again). You've done well with this piece. It does show up a little more clearly that English is not your first language, but as you said, you wrote it quickly for the blog, and I don't think it matters. Why not make a link to your profile in CC as I have done in my blogspot blog - Can we exchange links to our blogspot blogs, please? You might also like to see an article of mine which is on Writelink Resources and mentions CC -
    I think you can view it without being a member, but not 100% sure.

  2. Hey Dude,

    Your blog has been very informative and helpful. I like your post and i took time to go through your blog its wonderful.

    But my question now is that why can people from Nigeria benefit from these frelancing jobs......

    Your sincere answer will be appreciated

  3. Thanks for the insightful article on the article writing. It is valuable advice for a new inspiring writer like me. Many thanks again.

  4. i really like your article thanks for sharing it....


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