Copywriters, Who Are They?

Copywriting is the art of writing website content, meant to introduce a particular product or service in the form of an advertisement or for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A piece of copywritten content, if written by a professional, is usually so well written that they will interest in purchasing the product.

Advertisement copywriting and SEO copywriting are two different areas of copywriting expertise. It is important for you to understand what each of them is.

In the case of advertisement copywriting, what a copywriter does is rewrite the product description of the product to be promoted and let the readers know of the importance of the product. This website copy is well optimized to delve into the minds of the readers and gives them a psychological prompt, which will eventually make them purchase the product.

For becoming an advertisement copywriter, you need great command over the language, with huge enough vocabulary to make people feel. Your language should be so concrete that it should bind the eyes of the reader on to the screen and make him read the content. And it should speak for the reader, feel for him, argue for him, and eventually buy for him.

In case of SEO copywriters, the thing is different. Here, you have to achieve two things primarily. Search engine rankings, and readership from ordinary people. SEO copywriters are usually hired to create search engine-tailored content. The content, which contain special keywords in an optimum density, making the search engine bots feel that the content is important enough to be displayed as a result for the targeted keyword.

SEO copywriters, however, need also to address the general readers. So, they cannot overuse the keyword, making the content seem like jarring repetition of something, which will push the reader out of the page. So, it is a skill to be able to target customers and search bots and please them both. It is assessed that the SEO copywriter needs to have a minimum keyword density of 2 % for a particular keyword. Although this is a low number and apparently easy to achieve, it is very difficult unless you have a great vocabulary and command over the language.

It’s a definite skill to write good copies, whether it’s for advertisements or for SEO. This skill is a highly demanded one, since a skilled copywriter is extremely valuable. They cause the product purchases, and promotions. So, they are the real marketing executives. Good talent never comes cheap.

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