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Blogit: A Pure, Consummate Scam

I recently stumbled upon a new blogging company named Blogit, while checking for genuine paid writing opportunities. It seems that Blogit has successfully recreated neocolonialism in the Web publishing industry. If you check out the front page of Blogit ( you will see a highly inspirational post by a person named H Lari, elaborating about the service and how he was inspired to start this business. It seems that he leads and promotes the company, Shaycom Corporation, which is behind Blogit. Let’s look at the business practice of this company, and see how big, original, convincing, legal, and wicked scam it is.

Blogit and Its Business

Blogit is a website, in which you can earn money by writing blog content, by publishing blog posts as you normally would in any blog platform. The catch is that you need to pay them to get access to their system. It's a pay-them-to-pay-you system. According to H Lari, there are members on Blogit, who have made more than a thousand dollars already by blogging.

Blogit is similar to blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, or Typepad. The difference is that the blogs are not in the public domain. You have to log into Blogit to read any of the member blogs. Also, you have to pay them every month to use their system. None of the blogs hosted in Blogit is available outside their domain. Search engines do not index them, and no one outside Blogit may even know about their blogs.

How do you make money then? You are paid a cut from the other paid members’ subscription fees pool, according to the page views you get for each of your articles. This is how it works: A member’s subscription fee is divided into two. One part goes to Blogit. The other part is equally divided among all the bloggers, whose pages this member has visited in a month. If the member didn’t visit any blog, then the whole subscription fee would go to Blogit.

Why You Should Avoid This Scam

1. Paid Content

Blogit is basically a paid content service. According to H Lari, his mother was a writer and he was very passionate about online writers; he loved to read them. He wanted to find a way to make them read and pay them. The result is Blogit. The subscription fees of this service range from $9 a month to almost $20, dependent on the plan chosen. Even p0rn0 sites don’t charge that high.

2. Publicity and Readership

When you publish within Blogit, only the other Blogit members can read and rate your content. None of the search engines indexes Blogit blogs. It’s a rather closed community, not even known to many people outside Blogit. Only a few outsiders like myself know about Blogit. An average person checking for information on the Internet doesn’t ever come across Blogit. In that case, what is the meaning of readership promise to Blogit members?

To let your writing and your voice out to the world, you undoubtedly need a public blog, indexed by search engines and accessible by anyone anywhere in the world, without any authentication. Otherwise, writing online doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. No one has and can ever be successful or famous writing from a hidden corner like Blogit.

3. Do You Really Get Paid?

The primary reason you would sign up on Blogit is money. Can you make it at all? No, your chance of getting paid is less than 0.000000001 % at Blogit. Mostly, you end up paying them your subscription fees month after month. Here are the reasons.

Firstly, you need to promote yourself in Blogit, if you ever want to get paid. Most of the writers are signing up on Blogit just to make money from their writing, and not to read other members’ blogs. Remember, if members don’t read your blog, you can’t make any money. However, Blogit will make money anyway, since they are taking half (HALF! To the people that are passionate to help you make money by your writing) of your subscription fees every month (and the entire subscription fee, if you don’t read any blog in a month).

Imagine a similar set-up: Seven people come to the house of the Fat Buddy. The Fat Buddy asks them each to put in 10 dollars, from which, Fat Buddy takes 50 % (35 dollars). The others may divide the other 35 dollars among them, be happy that they earned some money, and go home. What a business idea! Fat Buddy has really implemented it and earns.

With Blogit, most of the members are not earning one penny for their work. They are in fact wasting their whole time with it.

4. H Lari’s Guarantee

If you read the article on the front page of Blogit, you will see an awesome guarantee by H Lari. It reads:

I invite you to try Blogit today. Here’s my guarantee: if you find that you aren’t being read at Blogit, simply cancel your subscription and you will not be billed again.

It means, if you cancel your subscription, they will not bill you! How happier can you be? If you read in between the lines, you will get two meanings for this: First, most of the new writers are actually not being read and Blogit gets many cancellations. Second, H Lari is an ill-advised, stupid a$$***e that is prepared and sworn to cheat naïve writers for anything.

You are guaranteed, Blogit writer! Are you happy now?

5. Readership

I ask you a question: when you can get any information, detailed and error-free, from the mainstream Internet, by just searching in Google, then would you pay Blogit to read their content? Would you read Blogit blogs even if you were a member there? I don’t think even the Blogit members will read other Blogit blogs. If such is the case, how can a new Blogit member make any money or even get noticed? Do you think that people in Blogit will start their day’s work by reading other Blogit members just as a collaborative measure to make money for each other?

Blogit is really a small community. It has very few writers. Most of these writers, when they look for interesting content for reading and research, may not find what they need within Blogit itself. In that case, they have no means other than checking out popular blogs and content sites like Wikipedia. The result: Blogit is a dark corner in the dirtiest part of Internet, where some writers are locked up, with nobody seeing them. We have no idea how many real talents are wasting their time in this dungeon, charmed by Shaycom Corp.

I don’t have anything but pain for those writers who claim have enjoyed writing for Blogit, even though they could earn not even a penny from it. I recently came across a lady writing for Blogit, who was really content about the work, and mentioned: “Though I am not earning money enough to cover my subscription fees, I am enjoying the work.” When you read this, remember what H Lari promised—thousand dollars writing online!

Writing for Blogit is, I believe, worse than the condition of that emaciated Indian buffalo, pulling his master’s cart for miles and miles between scorching sun and burning earth.


I can’t express my hatred for businesses that cheat people, using cheap business ideas. I believe that we, Internet public, can voice our ideas from anywhere in the world. People thinking about starting scam businesses like Blogit should fear us. Read and share this article with anyone that thinks about joining Blogit. If you have real talent, show it to the world and get recognition for it. Don’t pay the dungeon owners for shutting yourself up in it. Shaycom Corp is already well boomed in the business and has quite well targeted all the desperate-to-get-paid writers out there. When they rake in millions, these writers are eking out their lives.

However, Blogit or its business is not illegal. It is sad that there is no law preventing such business from thriving. We can only warn and guide people from victimizing themselves in places like Blogit.


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New York Literary Agency Scam
Thanks to My Reference for Letting Me Know of This Scam

Copyright © Lenin Nair 2008


  1. Thank you for this great post about Blogit! You save me time, money and headaches.

    Your posting was a good reminder of the old adage, "If it seems too good to be true..."


  2. Blogit is a prospering service. New aspirant writers are joining as members. It's giving the idea of a Utopia to them. And nobody has the right to remove legal entities from the web. And Blogit is perfectly legal.

  3. ok..this is one good info..i almost got into this program before knowing that they charge us..

  4. thanks for your comment, let others aware of it as well. so many writers are getting cheated with this mad program

  5. There are lots of free blogging sites already established and niche communities that are 100% free. A few even have revenue sharing, so a writer could make money. Most people I've talked to make pennies and not the big bucks they're promised. I've used Hub Pages and to post articles and they're both easy to use and share revenue from Adsense. There's just so much to learn for new bloggers. Thanks for the great article!

  6. Thanks for the comment, fictionwriter. Yes, bloggit gives empty promises, and please link into this post and tell others of the cheating.

  7. This sounds like a ponzi scheme to me. It relies on new members being brought in or you will just lose your money. Eventually the whole thing will come tumbling down. I have been scammed by a Ponzi before. Thank you for this warning.

  8. Well, the top writers (earners) on Blogit know how to play the game and form clicks to help each other earn, leaving the others to wonder why they are not read and can't earn money. Thanks for making the scam clear, a former Blogit member. jean

  9. I agree. I write at hubpages and experience project. Doesn't cost a dime and it reaches the whole world, not some tiny corner in a room. Bad site blogit. If anyone joins they are an idiot!

  10. Thanks for the info. I'm glad I read this before seriously considering it.

  11. Blogit is slowly fading. No one can expect to make money this easily.
    It is not really a site that can make money for anyone including the owner.
    However it is more like a care home for the weary residents.
    I like it because it gives the opportunity to relate to folk that I would never
    have met normally. If you like stroking a dog or cuddling a cat, It is like that.
    Not many wolves on Blogit or gold mines, but believe it or not a ray of sunshine


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