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Dear readers, here I have a surprise for you all. Edward C Patterson (61), a published writer of eight novels, many short fiction, poetry, and drama has consented to give me some guest posts for our blog.

After earning his MA in Chinese history from Brooklyn College, Ed did post graduation with Columbia University. One of his major achievements is that he won 1999 New Jersey Minority Achievement Award for his work in corporate diversity. Besides writing, Ed maintains a blog, An Author’s Life for Me, in which he publishes his short stories, poems, and general writing help for new writers. I acquainted with Ed through the blog social network, BlogCatalog, and soon enough he became a respected admin of my Creative Writing group. Now, as per my request, he has given a new post for me to publish in this blog. More of his articles can be expected in the coming days.

I will try to fetch guest posts from more published writers and important people in our realm in the coming days.

Here are some books of Ed Patterson, with the Amazon links.

Bobby’s Trace

The Closest Clandestine

Cutting the Cheese

No Irish Need Apply

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