Popular Idioms and Usages Part E

I have already published the first four parts of this series of popular idioms, and you can access them and comment on from the category link on the right. There are not many comments coming; hope you will comment more on the blog, and will let me know of the flaws if any. Here goes the part E.

  1. Ears burn: Feel unhappy hearing the talk about oneself. Jack’s ears burned when he overheard his colleagues talking about his dressing manners.
  2. Eat humble pie: Surrender with humiliation. Despite his status in society, he had to eat humble pie.
  3. Eat one’s words: Behave against one’s word. Joe ate his own words when he went out and published the story, meant to be kept secret.
  4. Elephant’s trunk: Drunk. Cockney rhyming slang.
  5. Eleventh hour: In the last helpless minute. They were trapped in the airtight column and the help reached in the eleventh hour.
  6. End of story: The talking is over.
  7. End of the road: The last point of journey. There were hard times, which made Oliver think that the end of the road had reached.
  8. Every dog has a day: There is a time of importance for every trifling fellow.
  9. Every now and then: Frequently. Sarah kept calling every now and then when she heard Joe’s plain crashed.
  10. Eyes in the back of one’s head: The power to realize what is hidden. Jim is beyond cheating, for he has eyes in the back of his head.
  11. Eyes open: With full awareness. Thinking of the old days, I guess I should have taken those dangerous jobs with eyes open.

These and more will be added in the coming days of post refinement. I hope you will comment more and voice your doubts and queries in grammar, punctuation, and style. Also, please let me know of any mistakes that have encroached into the writing due to carelessness. I can be a real lousy editor sometimes. By the way, to know more about Cockney rhyming slang, if you are seeing this for the first time, please read some of the previous entries in the series.

History Today

I have decided to include some important happenings in history that happened on the day of publication of the post, as now, I am dedicated to writing one post per day here. In all the coming posts, I will be adding this small section. The section will include important happening in the domain of Writing and Literature.

The only major event is the birth of Polish author and Nobel Prize laureate, Henryk Sienkiewicz that happened in 1846 on this day.

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