Popular Idioms and Usages Part H

Here goes the Hth part of the series. Please voice your comments at the bottom or email me using the link provided.

  1. Have a nice day: A general way to wish someone good.
  2. Have an axe to grind: Have an underlying thought.
  3. He who can, does; he who can’t teaches: A general saying, abusing those who speak too much without doing anything.
  4. Heavy metal: Hard rock music, with electric equipments.
  5. Het up: Agitated
  6. High five: The celebrating slapping of hands two people do with hands held above the head.
  7. High on the hog: Affluent and well-fed.
  8. High time: The right time for doing something.
  9. Hit the ground running: Get off to a fast start.
  10. Hit the hay: Get to bed.
  11. Hobson’s choice: A situation without any choice.
  12. Hocus pocus: Magic tricks.
  13. Hoi polloi: The commons.
  14. Hoist by your own petard: Trapped in your own snare.
  15. Hold a candle: To aid or assist.
  16. Hold a torch: To aid or assist, similar to the above.
  17. Hold your horses: Be patient.
  18. Hooray Henry: A loud extravagant upper class fellow.
  19. Hot off the press: Freshly printed
  20. Hung, drawn, and tortured: A gruel torture finally succumbing to death.

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