Popular Idioms and Usages Part I

After introducing you to my idioms and usages series, here is the eighth in the series. Please also visit other items in this popular idioms series, and voice your comments.

  1. If I had my druthers: If I could choose what I could do.
  2. I will go to the foot of our stairs: Expression of surprise.
  3. In a quandary: Not knowing which to choose.
  4. In like Flynn: Someone got it made, originated from Hollywood actor Errol Flynn.
  5. In someone’s bad books: To be in disgrace.
  6. In stitches: Laughing outrageously.
  7. In the bag: Well secured.
  8. In the buff: Naked.
  9. In the cart: In trouble.
  10. In the catbird seat: In the control of a situation.
  11. In the club: Pregnant. (or “in the pudding club”)
  12. In the limelight: At the center of attention.
  13. In the offing: Likely to happen in some time.
  14. In the red: In debt or need for money.
  15. In the pink: In good health.
  16. In your face: In a bold aggressive manner.
  17. Indian giver: One who gives a gift only to take it back later (I am an Indian myself, but I don’t take gifts back. This should be a deranged man’s guess).
  18. Iron hoof: Poof (homosexual). A Cockney Rhyming slang.
  19. Is the Pope Catholic/Polish: Ironic way to express something is true beyond any shadow of doubt.
  20. It came like a bolt from the blue: Came as a surprise.
  21. It never rains but pours: Said to mean that the problems come massively when they do.
  22. Ivory Tower: A state of separation from real-life problems.

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