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What Is DoFollow? Guide: How to Make Blogspot Blogs Dofollow?

Dear friends, this is a blog notification post. I have decided to make my blog, DoFollow. You will find the comment policy updated on the sidebar about this (please look at the left sidebar). [Edit: The blog is no longer DoFollow due to loads of spam comments it attracted]

Backlinks are very important for your websites. They are like votes cast by one respectable website to another, and they will greatly increase the site’s traffic. When one gets many backlinks, one’s site’s ranking in search engine results will skyrocket. Search engines use programs called search bots or web crawlers to access and index web pages. That’s how you see websites in the search results of Google and Yahoo!.

If your site ranks high for any search terms related to the products you promote, you can get several potential customers (a very daunting task indeed). Now, in order for you to get business, you must rank high in search engines, and the most important thing that will help you in this is link building.

You should try to get links from whichever sources available. It is a tactic in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In the past, when you commented in a blog, you could get a backlink, just by using this HTML code:

<a href="your link URL">your link name (anchor)</a>

When you placed this piece of code within your comment, you used to get backlink from it. It was highly beneficial for you to rank high (especially if the blog is high PageRank).

What is NoFollow?

Soon the scenario changed. In 2005, Matt Cutts, Google’s webspam team head and Jason Shellon of Blogger brought up a new attribute in HTML codes—NOFOLLOW. Nofollow is a HTML tag added to the link anchor code, and will change the normal code as:

<a href=”your link URL” rel=”nofollow”>your link name</a>

This is automatically done. Meaning, when you comment with the link, the NoFollow attribute will be added automatically. And the result is deep. The link will be valueless and the search crawlers would not follow them to index. So, such a link is as useless as a piece of text. Blogger blogs soon adopted this and being Google’s regulation, all or most of other search engines also adopted this.

Though this is a good scheme to prevent comment spamming, it hit the genuine commenters. They also lost so many backlinks, and a nice easy way to get them. But people started working against this. The bloggers started removing NoFollow attribute from the comments of valuable commenters. And a different attribute, DoFollow began.

Many bloggers followed suit. Today there are so many DoFollow blogs, and by commenting on these blogs, with your backlink, you can get full value on that link. You can use such blogs and comment links in them to promote your own site in search results. Soon enough, so many DoFollow search engines also started coming, which index only DoFollow blogs. You can search for a particular term, and get the related DoFollow blogs.

A DoFollow comment will be a normal comment as in the above or will have the attribute “rel=’dofollow’” instead of nofollow, as in:

<a href=”link URL” rel=”dofollow”>link name</a>

The attribute DoFollow or no rel attribute at all means the blog link is good. Though no attribute in HTML exists as DoFollow, it means that the blog is not NoFollow, so it has the same effect of a normal backlink.

How to Make Your Blogger Blog DoFollow?

Before doing these steps, you should allow anonymous comments by going to Settings in Blogger and then Comments. You may enable or disable the moderation. You will soon know the importance of moderation, however. Here are the steps to make comments DoFollow:

1. Go to Blogger layout (in new Blogger) and click Edit HTML.

2. Check Expand Widget Templates.

3. Search for ‘NoFollow.’ You will find at least two of them in the code.

4. Remove “rel=”nofollow”” from the tag that starts with “<a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl'”

5. The second nofollow attribute is for pingback/trackback URLs (blogs that link to your post and ping it). You may or may not retain these URLs. It’s completely optional.

6. That’s it! Enjoy. Your comment’s title is now ‘DoFollow.’

In old Blogger, you can do this by editing HTML in Template tab.

By doing this in Blogger, the comment title will be made DoFollow. But the backlinks will be available only if you comment with Name and URL field enabled. The comment body links will still remain NoFollow. So, you needn’t place any link in the body, just place the required anchor text in the name field, and URL in the URL filed and comment; it will become a DoFollow backlink to your URL.

How to Make WordPress Blogs DoFollow?

As I have no idea of WordPress blogs, and have never worked with them, I am not sure if this helps or not. But you can make the WordPress blogs or self-hosted WordPress blogs DoFollow by using a simple plug-in here.

DoFollow Badges

Use one of these badges if you have a DoFollow blog yourself.

DoFollow BadgesDoFollow BadgesDoFollow BadgesDoFollow BadgesDoFollow BadgesDoFollow BadgesDoFollow BadgesDoFollow Badges

I promote DoFollow blogs and very much want you too. A lot of bloggers are out there, who have great talent. If you help them by giving them a backlink, there is nothing wrong. Linking out to useful blogs will make your blog valuable as well.

But watch out for the crooks, who comment for the sake of links. Their comments would be narrow one-liners like “What a wonderful blog you have,” “A great post, keep going!” etc. I despise all such commenters, and will promptly remove their comments and backlinks. I await your comments in this blog.

Your opinions awaited…

Copyright © Lenin Nair 2008


  1. Between trying to make my links show in another window and dofollow/ nofollow my brain is about to explode. It really hurts all this technical thinking.

  2. Great! I didn't realize the comments could have been made dofollow and no follow.

    Well, I've also made all my comments as dofollow as per the guideline provided here.


  3. I had to read your post two or three times to get to understand it, but I've got it now and will alter my blog-com to DoFollow. I didn't even know about this, so thank you!

  4. Lenin,

    It amazes me that as soon as someone announces that their blog is DoFollow, then comments like the preceding come out of the woodwork. None of them followed through on this (excuse the pun).

    One of them displays a DoFollow badge, even though the blog is clearly NoFollow.

    After writing the original NoFollow Removal for Blogger over a year ago, I was inundated with comments like these. I have personally deleted over 400 of them — and they still keep coming.

    Anyhow, enough ranting from me.

    Welcome to the DoFollow community. Make sure you join the No-NoFollow Community at Bumpzee too. You will find several hundred of us, and growing, there every day.

    Ronnie T. Dodger

  5. Thanks for making your blog dofollow, its really very hard to get backlinks nowadays because most of the webmasters have made their blogs as "nofollow" due to increasing comment spamming nowadays.
    But if you do the moderation work properly then you can avoid the useless comments in your blog.

  6. I thought I had changed my blog to dofollow but just to be safe I followed your directions and, lo and behold, there was still one nofollow which I have fixed. Thanks!

  7. Hi thank you so much for this.

    I edited the first nofollow to dofollow, however could you please tell me, do we need to edit the second one:


    and make this a dofollow too or will my blog still show up as a 'dofollow' blog without touching this line? It's just I read somewhere this one is for backlinks and leaves you with no control over other people's backlinks and can be risky. (maybe this was on your blog too where I read it, lol)

    Hope you respond,


  8. Hello Gerry, thanks for the comment.

    Of course you can leave the second one unedited and it will make your blog dofollow. Just check if any comments in your blog has become dofollow (that means nofollow attribute is removed). You can't, as I mentined, make the comment BODY dofollow. Only the title and link can be made like that. And of course you can leave the second one to 'nofollow'. All the best.


  9. I didn't know anything about nofollow until I read your post. I use wordpress so I loaded the dofollow plugin and then viewed the page source and sure enough it took off the nofollow. I moderate my comments so it would have been nice for wordpress to have an option to turn off nofollow.

    Also, where did you get the nofollow logos?

  10. Rick, thanks for the comments. I fetched the dofollow logos by mere search. Just search in Google images and you will come across a great number of dofollow logos. Or else, just use the logos in my post.

    Thank you


  11. Inspired by your post I created a page on my blog (see to start a list of dofollow blogs. I know such lists already exist but I want to keep track of blogs I personally have checked. In appreciation of you sharing your knowledge I have listed your blog first. I have also linked to your dofollow post so that visitors can get an explanation from the expert. Thanks again.

  12. Thanks, Rick for the comment. Very much appreciate the link


  13. I just added some CSS code to FireFox userContent.css.

    This way I can see if a link is dofollow or

    You would be surprised at how many nofollow links are out there.

  14. Hi there, thanks for the comment. Yes, I have enabled that tweak as well in Firefox. It's sure most of the blogs out there are nofollow and we can readily see that in Firefox.


  15. Great post. I like your explanation and reasoning for allowing backlinks with the dofollow option, as well as providing instructions on how to go about doing it.

    Your link to the wordpress options was beneficial for me as well.

    Thank you!

  16. this is certainly a good way to help each other.I just downloaded the plugin and will use it in my wordpress blog. I will also follow your tip on blogger.Thanks a lot for sharing.

  17. Setting dofollow on comments can increase the number of comments you recieve. But can you tell me how we can set dofollow on some particular comments or set nofollow on particular comments.

  18. I wish if that were available myself. In fact, the comment dofollow setting is a tweak in Blogger, applied to the whole blog, not to individual comments. So, It is not available so far.

    However, I don't know for sure about WordPress blogs, since I don't work with them.

  19. WoW, this is totally awesome, as I don't even know that the dofollow will attract more commentars to our blogs until today...

    Thanks for the great post ;)

  20. I have try many time on blogger but seem didnt work. Already delete rel='nofollow' but not worked. What should i do?

  21. Can you show me your blog, in which you removed the nofollow attribute?

  22. Lenin,

    Sorry to hear that you had to go back to Nofollow.

    It is kind of humerous to watch some of these yahoos come in here still thinking that you are dofollow still. I am pretty sure that you wound up on some list out there, and it is being duplicated, added to and perpetuated over and over again.

    Kind of like having your email address published and your inbox is never the same again. I have a feeling you may get spam comments for some time to come.

  23. Ok, I followed your instructions and made my Google blog into a do-follow. It was a lot of code to search through, so I copied and pasted it into wordperfect, and then searched for "follow" to find the two instances.

    Now, what I do not understand is what you mean by saying "the comment body links will still remain NoFollow. I want all links to be followed. I have lots of websites, but this is my first blog, and I have not paid much attention to blogs in the past, so can anyone advise? Also, you mention that the comment Title will be DoFollow, but there is no place for a title on my blog, and not on your blog either, just this one big box to type in. My new blog is:

    Thanks for any advise

  24. Jones, when you commented you have seen three different options to comment here--the normal Google login, one of the open IDs (livejournal, wordpress, etc), name/url, and anonymous. You chose anonymous option.

    Anyone who wants a dofollow backlink will choose the name/url option and will put the URL in URL field and the required anchor text on the name field (which I called title). This link on when the comment gets published will be dofollow in dofollow blogger blogs (right now, CuteWriting is nofollow).

    Any link you paste within your comment body, with anchor text (<a> tag) will remain nofollow. And let me tell you, it cannot be made dofollow in Blogger. I hope it answered.


  25. I just made my blog into a do-follow. Thanx for this great info and istruction! Btw, i've been checking your site from time to time.and i'm learning a lot!

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  26. Hi! I have been meaning to make my blog a do follow blog for a long time but haven't gotten around to doing it, mainly because I am afraid of messing up the code. Your instructions are easy enough to understand and your explanation of the benefits (and pitfalls) of practicing dofollow is an eye-opener for me. Thank you for this post!

  27. Thanks for the tip. I was thinking to make my blog as "dofollow" but was hesitating. But I really realized that it is much helpful to have some traffic to any blog

  28. people now can control relation between link juice and fidelity, blogger will reward their customary clients, content will be spread (wikipedia had decrease its participation numbers incredibly after nofollow adoption) and internet continues with its democratic and open character

  29. This tutorial really help me in determining decide whether I want the web in the dofollow or nofollow, thanks a lot on this tutorial

  30. This is a fantastic post, and was quite helpful in helping me clear up confusion about dofollow and nofollow.

    Its a shame you had to remove the dofollow options, due to spammers.

  31. Thanks a lot for this tutorial! Our blogs are now dofollow and the spam comments we get are really few compared to the amount we expected. Good move and great tutorial.

  32. Hi,
    Thanks for the step-by-step guide to make blogger blog dofollow. I am now considering to make my blog dofollow too.

  33. Woah! this is what I was looking for, Guide with some kewl pics. Thanks alot

  34. Its gonna be bang for the traffic and comments as well!

  35. But there's a lot of blogger that put the banner without being dofollow, I recommend any body to have searchstatus plugin.

  36. Its nice to show how to make dofollow links..I was searching this method for more than 3months..And thanks for this useful post..

  37. Hi,
    I am new to blogging and I came to know very nice information and tips regarding blogging, especially dofollow and backlink importance here. Very insightful article.
    Thanks for sharing nice information.

  38. I have implemented the dofollow on my blog and have seen an increase in traffic as well as users participation. Which is what make one’s site an authority. Great post and I do appreciate the time spent putting this together.

  39. Thanks a lot for this post! I was dam'n puzzled from couple of weeks that how can I make my blog dofollow. Once again you post is appreciated. Keep on sharing more mate.

  40. well I just wanna say thank you! Now I know how to identify with do follow and no follow sites. I've been looking for a guide and this one is simple and easy for me to follow:)xoxo

  41. I have delete the attribute rel=nofollow in blog since I read your article !! That's an interesting piece of information and I’ll be waiting for more useful updates here. Thanks for Share with Irfan and I invite you to read my article Daftar Blog Dofollow 2011 in my blog.

  42. Wow,,,,, It is a admiring post relevant to its content and the point of discussion is very nice and quite informative,, people can take the guidence as well help to be fruitful by this post and sharing that you have done in this content, i like this blog... :)

  43. Greetings to all, I consider myself a fan of good articles, this blog is very good, has a great personality, is very original, very comprehensive, usually has very good features, for that reason I will recommend to my friends, I think when you find a good article must be shared.

  44. i like your article and already dugg it on digg.thx for sharing some good my blog are dofollow

  45. Never tried this on blogger (now I'm using WordPress) and it doesn't seem hard to do but there's still lots of steps, in WP you just change a line :S

  46. You have reason Backlinks are the important part for your websites, but there are also many factors that must not be neglected for a profitable business online, your tips are really a source of help.

  47. its a myth regarding no follow and do follow...matt cutt said in one of his doesn`t matter for no follow and do follow, search engine just love about your backlink niche, if you comment on no follow blog but your backlink is related to your niche/topic, then search engine consider it proper backlink!

  48. Really, I am so respect to you cause for you did.

  49. hey nice descriptive one..check my blog too.

  50. Its nice to show how to make dofollow links..I was searching this method for more than 3months..And thanks for this useful post!!

  51. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  52. Wow, thanks to this tutorial, I have the info needed for my blog. Finally made it, yeah!

  53. Very informative post. I setup my blog to dofollow and as of this spam comment yet..

  54. Thanks for the help.I just had someone telling me "change to DoFollow"nothing else.
    Thanks to your Blog Post I was able to get what he meant. I now hope it works.
    test here:

  55. I wish if that were available myself. In fact, the comment dofollow setting is a tweak in Blogger, applied to the whole blog, not to individual comments. So, It is not available so far.

  56. I strongly agree to your blog ....
    i think is Very Cool ..awesome
    Keep Posting


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