Do You Need Prompts for Creative Writing?

I recently found Creative Writing Prompts website (, and was studying it for some time. Its review may be a good addition to my site now. Creative Writing Prompts appears as one of the top results in Google for “Creative Writing.” This is quite normal, as the site is pretty well established giving ‘prompts’ for your creative writing.

In my recent post, you may remember the tips I gave to bust writer’s block. In it, I had added some tips to bust the issue of not having a plot to write about. Creative Writing Prompts is a great solution to it.

This website is meant to tackle your most troubling problem—what to write about? Yes, not having a plot is one of the greatest troubles of writers. Without a plot, they may just sit hours and hours discarding various plots they think up. I assure you, this is a lot troubling than most other aspects of creative writing.

Creative Writing Prompts website will give you a prompt for your writing. The site home page has a numbered popup links list. Almost 300 links are there on this page, and on clicking each link, you will find a small popup containing a good story or article idea. I hope most writers would find this extremely useful to start writing. If at any time, you find yourself in dilemma, please check out this site.

The most tiring aspects of writing are usually the most trifling such as finding a plot, character names, name for the story, etc. I am about to register my private domain and I spent hours and hours to think up a proper name for that. So, I have a fairly good idea how difficult it is to name something. Before I started this blog also, I thought about dozens of names and none appealing. But, now I feel that this name is perfect for my blog, especially because of the first two letters of CuteWriting, CW, which correspond also to Creative Writing. Also, please check out the post about my short story, Sacrifice, published in Public Literature. There, I had posted about how difficult it was to think up a name for that story, and ended up in the terrible name, ‘Sacrifice’.

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  1. Hello.

    I have visited the link on creative writing tips and, although some tips are not applicable, many are valuable to start articles.

    I have written and published a number of articles for my tea site but after a while I need ideas for new articles.

    Thank you


  2. Aloha!

    ... and mahalo for joining the dofollow bandwagon. Your policy reminds the internet community that we're not all spammers and linkdroppers.

    Your creative writing prompts link is perfect for me. I am a very novice writer and often have difficulty finding something to write about.

    Thanks for the tip!



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