Popular Idioms and Usages Part N

Here is the Nth part of the popular idioms series.

1. Nail your colors to the mast: Show intention to hold on till the end.
2. Name and shame: Publication of the name of an antisocial.
3. Neither fish, nor flesh, nor good red herring: Not one thing or another.
4. Never never land: An Utopia promised instead of a real benefit.
5. New kid on the block: A new recruit or member in a group.
6. Nip in the bud: Foil something at its development stage itself.
7. No dice: A refusal to accept some proposal.
8. No names, no packdrill: Say nothing to avoid repercussions.
9. No room to swing a cat: A small space.
10. North and South: Mouth. Cockney rhyming slang.
11. Not playing with a full deck: Foolish
12. Not worth a plugged nickel: Completely worthless
13. Not worth a tinker’s dam: Worthless
14. Not worth the candle: Worthless

More of the idioms will be added to the list in the coming days. Please also read the previous versions of the series.

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