Popular Idioms and Usages Part K

Popular Idioms and Usages Part K

Here comes the Kth installment of the popular idioms series.

Katy bar the door: Be prepared for any trouble ahead.

Keep body and soul together: Survive in difficulty.

Keep in touch with: To remain in contact.

Keep pace with: To maintain level with. The NASA project kept pace with the one with CERN.

Keep schtum: Keep mum.

Keep your chin up: Be lighthearted even in difficult situations.

Keep your nose to the grindstone: Be extremely concentrated on the work at hand.

Keep your pecker up: Remain happy.

Keep your powder dry: Be ready at all times. It comes from the army, with allusion to the gunpowder.

Khyber pass: Arse. A cockney rhyming slang.

Kick the bucket: To die.

Kiss of death: Anything with highly disastrous effects.

Kit and caboodle: Bag and baggage or the complete paraphernalia.

Knee jerk reaction: Automatic reaction to something.

A knock back: A reversal of fortune and disappointment.

Knock off: To finish the day’s chores.

Know the ropes: To study the working of a company.

Know which way the wind blows: To be prepared in fluctuating situations.

Hope you read the previous installments of this series. Please voice your doubts, if you have any, regarding these idioms and usages. And I always find time to answer them.

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