Popular Idioms and Usages Part O

[Post for Salman Rushdie on his accomplishment; See Today's Special below]

Here is the Oth part of the series of popular idioms and usages. Please voice your comments below.

Of the first water: Of the highest quality

Off the record: To indicate that the comments you make should not be published or attributed to you.

Off the hook: Not in difficulty.

Okey dokey: All right, now obsolete.

On a wing and a prayer: Relying on good fortune in the future.

On Carey Street: Be sunk in debt.

On cloud nine: Extremely happy

On par with: Equal to something

On the dole: Unemployed.

On the contrary: As opposed to.

On the fiddle: Corrupt.

On the other hand: In another way, in other words.

On the QT: Secretly.

Once in a blue moon: Very rarely.

Once in a while: Occasionally

One for the road: A final shot of drink before taking off on a journey.

One over the eight: Fully drunk.

Other fish to fry: A better thing to do

Out of sorts: Not well.

Over the top: Extreme.

Over my dead body: Expressed to show your sharp protest against something.

Oxo cube: Tube. Cockney Rhyming Slang.

Today’s Special

Congratulations to Salman Rushdie on his achievement. The queen conferred to him, yesterday, the most coveted knighthood. It’s an honor to us, Indians, since Rushdie was born in India in 1947. He is one of the authors I most admire and respect for the characterization thoroughness.

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