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I recently found a blogger who spoke of his blog: “This is the place where I piss and crap.” I was surprised. I would have said about my blog: “This is the place where my heart exists.” I don’t blog to give my readers crap.

If you have a blog to which you show maximum justice, then it is not by crapping there that you do so. It is by posting your honest opinions. This is done by researching well on the topic of your interest and posting some great content. And if by chance the blog starts to make enough money for your living, it becomes your temple. Yes, I treat my blog as my place of worship, though it doesn’t make me rich by one dollar.

Firefox Buzz

Mozilla Firefox LogoDid you know of Firefox’s pledge to set the Guinness World record on the release date of Firefox 3? Yes, they are out to set the world record of the highest number of downloads on a single day. Your participation is, however, needed. Please read about Firefox 3. All you should do now is go to spreadfirefox.com and click on the button “Pledge Now.” Mozilla will alert you of the release date of Firefox 3, expected this month, and you can download it. SpreadFirefox has a great Drupal-powered site with a zoomable map with pledge count from across the world. 656,371 people have already pledged. Check it out.

Firefox is the best browser available today, so there’s nothing wrong to help Mozilla get this record. So, let’s work together for it.

My Interview by a Fellow Blogger Is Up

Readers, recently a fellow blogger, Mert Erkel from Searchforblogging.com interviewed me through Peoplized.com. This is a popular weblog community through which, bloggers can interview other fellow bloggers out there. Here is my interview.

So much for news, please await the daily normal post to follow.

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  1. This whole Buzz about the new firefox is great, I think they really found an impressive way to fight explorer. Who knows, maybe this will a lot of users to download the new firefox... amen to that!

  2. I just wanted to add that this blog is great, I enjoy reading it, keep up the good rate of updating it, it's very good!


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