Popular Idioms and Usages Part Q

Here is the Qth part of the series, popular idioms and usages, in which I give you a list of popular idioms in or not in popular use today.

Queen bee: This is a woman holding prominent position somewhere.

Queer fish: A strange person.

Queer Street: In debt. Used to mean a fictitious street where debtors live.

Queer the pitch: Fluff a plan.

Question of time: Something that is certain to happen.

Quick as a flash: Very fast.

Quick fix: A fast solution to something.

Quick off the mark: Spoken about someone fast to adapt to a situation.

Quick on the trigger: About someone, responding fast.

Quicker than lager turns to piss: Very quick. An expression originated in the UK.

Quiet as a cat: About someone very careful and methodical.

Quiet as a mouse: Someone making no noise whatsoever.

Quiet before the storm: The calm situation right before some disturbance.

Quid pro quo: A tit for a tat.

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  1. Idioms are sort of funny. In English classes across America students are told to never use them within their stories; however, they are a great alternative, much like synonyms.

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