Popular Idioms and Usages Part T

Here is the long list of idioms and usages starting with the letter T.

Take a back seat: To be inactive.
Take down a peg or two: To reduce someone’s ego.
Take the bit between your teeth: To take control over a situation.
Take with a pinch of salt: To accept the reality doubtfully.
Taken aback: Surprised.
Tea leaf: Thief. Cockney rhyming slang
The Andrew: Slang for British Navy.
The back of beyond: A lonely, desolate place.
The balance of power: Distribution of equal power among nations.
The balance of trade: The difference between the total imports and exports a country has.
The ball is in your court: The control over something is with you.
The bee’s knees: Of excellent quality.
The Big Apple (notice capitalization): New York City.
The Big Easy: New Orleans.
The bitter end: The limit of one’s efforts
The blind leading the blind: Uninformed people guiding others.
The Bread of Life: Jesus Christ.
The buck stops here: The responsibility ends here.
The call of the wild: The appeal of the nature in the raw.
The Collywobbles: Nervous state of mind.
The crapper: Lavatory
The die has been cast: The state is irrevocable now.
The full Monty: The complete of something.
The mutt’s nuts: Of great quality.
The order of the boot: Dismissal from a job.
The penny drops: A realization after a state of confusion or misunderstanding.
The real McCoy: Something which is not duplicate.
The shit hits the fan: Uproar caused by a previously unknown situation.
The status quo: The present condition.
The thin red line: A line of English soldiers.
The third degree: Torture used in interrogation.
There is an R in the month: The weather is cold.
There is more than one way to skin a cat: There is more than one way to achieve something.
Things that go bump in the night: Frightening or supernatural things.
Thorn in the flesh: A difficulty or embarrassment.
Ticked off: Rebuked.
Tie the knot: To get married.
Till the cows come home: For a very long time.
Tits up: Fallen over one’s back.
Tomfoolery: Great stupidity.
Top notch: Of excellent quality. Similar to The bee’s knees.
Tout de suite: Immediately.
Trick or treat: A simple threat.
Trouble and strife: Wife. Cockney rhyming slang.
Twenty four seven: Available daylong.
A two and eight: State of anxiety. Cockney rhyming.

That’s all for now. You can expect more in the coming days.

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