Popular Idioms and Usages Part UV

Here is a list (small) of popular idioms and usages beginning with letters U and V. Since there are too few idioms that start with these letters, I have included them together in this post. We are slowly approaching the end of this series. A post on the theme story is getting readied behind the scenes; expect it soon!

Uncle Dick: Sick. Cockney Rhyming Slang.
Uncle Ned: Bed. Cockney Rhyming
Under one’s own steam: By one’s own hardwork
Under the counter: Illegally
Under one’s wig: In someone’s protection.
Under the sun: In the whole world
Up a blind alley: On a wrong pathway.
Up in arms: Rebellious.
Up the apples and pears: Climbing Stairs. Cockney Rhyming
Up to it: Capable of something
Upper hand: Advantage
Van Gogh’s ear for music: Tone deaf. Van Gogh had cut off his ear in a mental fit and hence he was deaf to the tone.
Veg out: Relax in a slothful manner.
Vis-à-vis: Face-to-face. Pronounced ‘vizavee’. Comes from French.
Vicious circle: A predicament in which something bad causes another.
Voice in the matter: Influence in something.

More in these list will be added, and please voice your comments.

I have been doing a theme redesign and error-checking for a few days, and have got the theme back now online. More on this story is coming in the next post.

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  1. Pretty impressive list of idioms indeed! Such usage of idioms can make the reader certainly good and compel him to feel better indeed! Thanks a lot.


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