Popular Idioms and Usages Part W

Without introductions, we can start…

Wage war: To fight against someone
Wait on someone's hand and foot: To be servile to someone
Walk all over someone: To treat someone badly.
Walks of life: Different fields in society.
Walking papers: Dismissal order
Walk the plank: A form of execution used in the 18th century.
Wannabe: Somebody who emulates someone else.
War of words: A verbal fight
Warm corner: Comfortable place
Warm welcome: Happy welcome
Wash dirty linen in public: To shout unpleasant things in a quarrel.
Wash one's hands of: To escape trouble or responsibility of something
Way moby: Very cool and fashionable
Way the wind blows: The social trend.
Wear one's heart on one's sleeve: Show emotions in public.
Wearing the trousers: Being in control
Weigh one's words: Choose words carefully
Well and good: Fine
Well heeled: Rich
Wet behind the ears: Naive.
What on earth: For what reason
Wheels within wheels: Complication over complication
When the shit hits the fan: A secret making uproar when it is made public.
When there is muck, there is brass: Bad jobs always bring in good money.
Whistle and flute: Suit. Cockney rhyming slang.
Whistle in the dark: Try to be brave
White bread: Relating to the US white middle classes.
White elephant: Something more troublesome than worthy.
Whole nine yards: Whole of something or full measure
Wild and woolly: Unrestrained and in anarchy.
Willy nilly: Compulsory
Wing it: To do something without preparation.
With one's tail between one's legs: Totally defeated and frightened
Wolf in sheep's clothing: Someone apparently harmless
Word for word: To speak about exact repetition of someone's words.
Work one's fingers to the born: Work very hard
Writing on the wall: A warning sign

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