Three Websites to Get Peer Reviews of Your Writing

What writers are most interested in is the information on how they are progressing. They want others to speak good about their stories, or give them suggestions for improvement. Peer reviews are the only way to help writers achieve this. Here I have three websites that will help you get peer reviews of your writing, mostly short fiction.

1. Baen’s Universe Slush Pile

Baen’s Universe is a short story submission magazine, we reviewed on the post on short story submission magazines. Ordinarily, the writers allowed to submit to Baen’s Universe are those writing on science fiction and fantasy, and are unpublished. Each issue of Baen’s Universe has two slots for introducing new authors.

For getting your story published with this magazine, you have to register as a new member within Baen’s Universe slush forum located at Baen’s Bar. This is a free forum for all to join. It is for people to submit their short stories for consideration to Baen’s Universe as well as other magazines owned by the company.

The major advantage is that many users are already there, submitting short fiction just like you, and they can review your stories and give you valuable suggestions. These suggestions will help you improve your stories much better.

Sign up on Baen’s bar and submit your stories according to their guidelines.

2. MoreWriting

MoreWriting is a UK based magazine for fiction writers. Here, you can write freely and have a personal page with short stories penned by you. There are already several members, and some of them are published professional writers. They are always there to review your writing.

Usually, a story submitted in this site gets viewed several times within a few hours, and many members will review your writing. Within hours or days, you will have several comments about your writing here. In exchange, of course, you have to review the stories of other members.

The site accepts usually short fiction, and from your control panel, you can choose the fiction genre, word length, level of adult content, etc. You can publish or unpublish short stories as you wish.

Click here to sign up on MoreWriting.

3. ABC Tales

This is a short fiction magazine just like MoreWriting. Here also you will get many peer reviews for your writing in the form of comments.

The site’s special feature is cherry-picking. Here, any content, fiction or non-fiction, that shows real talent will be picked up by the magazine moderators and included into a special category, Cherry-picked. These stories are the absolute best in the entire site.

Sign up on ABCTales.

Watch out for More From CuteWriting!

Yes, wait a few days until CuteWriting itself starts a fiction section. I will invite readers to post short fiction and get reviews on them. I will engage a few readers to submit and promote the stories by reviewing each others’ works. This will be a great experience for the emerging writers. For this, keep yourself subscribed and current.

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  1. A little constructive criticism doesn't hurt anyone.

  2. Three sites I never knew about. Thanks! As I try my had at fiction I'll keep them in mind.

  3. thanks for the comment jennifer

  4. i'll try to sign-up with this 3 websites. Hope this can help me.


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