Google's Latest Updates & Cuil Competition

Google announced their new ventures yesterday. They have started a new blog: The Content Central that focuses on the core aspects of SEO and content management for top organizations. Check it out regularly and you are sure to hit strategies on increasing your audience.

Another update by Google published on their main blog is about the content submission website. You know you can submit your URL to Google through their Submit URL site. This site is completely revamped now, with facility to include URL, sitemap, and your business listing, directly, with help articles on various categories.

With these new machines, Google is way ahead of competition, and I believe their quest to categorize and give access to all information available on the Internet will be successful.

Cuil vs. Google

Google vs. Cuil
There is a recent buzz about a new search engine called Cuil, which people predicted strongly would beat Google in its game. The search engine was started by Google’s former employees themselves, with an announcement that it indexes nearly 120 billion pages on the Internet, thereby possessing the largest search index out there.

However, it comes to me as a surprise that a search engine claimed to be as large as Cuil doesn’t recognize CuteWriting. This is a site with a little popularity, with over 600 incoming links and a PageRank of 4. So, all normal search engines should index CuteWriting pretty fast. But Cuil doesn’t.

Also, for most of the search terms, this search engine gives substandard results in far fewer numbers than Google. So, I have grave doubts in the volume of their index.

Anyway, so far it seems Cuil is no match for Google. Google continues to provide the most accurate results, unsurpassed by any other search engine.

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