Amazon Kindle Review: Purchase the Best Ebook Reader in the Market

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Amazon Kindle, Wireless Reading Device
I was amazed by the picture clarity of this device, the first and foremost electronic gadget for reading electronic version of printed materials, the Amazon Kindle. Amazon, which started off as an online book seller in 1995 and soon enough branched out to be the biggest online retailer, always had a greater love for books. This amazing device is their effort to show how much they love the printed books. [Amazon Kindle was News but not anymore. Now, the news is that the information on the latest product, Amazon Kindle 2.0 has been leaked.]
Clarity of Amazon Kindle

I am a little skeptical of the image clarity I see for ebooks. They are never as good as printed books. But Kindle scores pretty well in this. I must say, the difference it has from a printed book page is quite unnoticeable. It looks like a printed page placed below a glass layer.
Amazon Kindle books
Amazon Kindle Keyboard

Kindle is completely wireless, requiring no cables, PC access, or synchronization. It uses the EVDO technology similar to cell phones, so that you never need to access a hotspot for getting online. This enables you to shop online at the Amazon store for any books or magazines you wish to read with this device. The material you purchase is directly delivered to your Kindle within a minute. Now, nearly 200,000 books, including current best sellers are available for purchase through Kindle.
books and publications on Kindle

Another great feature is that you can actually download a sample of the book with the first chapter before actually purchasing it.

The newspapers available include the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, etc. Also, there are magazines like Time, the Atlantic, and Forbes. Users from other countries can subscribe to their local newspapers and magazines as well. In their language.
Wall Street Journal Through Amazon Kindle

There are more than 800 of top blogs on business, technology, entertainment, sports, politics, etc., available for subscription on Kindle. This includes, the Huffington Post, TechCrunch, etc.
Blogs and other Publications on Kindle

The power saving of Kindle is remarkable. Without wireless, it can last for a week or more with one time charging of about 2 hours.

Now you need to read any other document through Kindle? Easy. Email the document to Kindle so that you can view it while you are traveling.

There is more to Kindle. To know its true power, get hold of one. Here is the Amazon Store links for Kindle and accessories:

Purchase Amazon Kindle, the Wireless Reading Device
Amazon Store Search Results for Kindle and Accessories

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  1. This is my second ebook reader. I started out with the Sony and I am very happy with this product.

    There are a couple flaws in this product but over all its pretty darn cool to have.


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