Britney Spears to Start Blogging and Tweeting!

This has been a recent report by TechCrunch that happened to appeal my attention. Britney Spears has not only started her website with blog,, but also signed up on Twitter [See why Twitter is important].

It’s pretty fascinating to see quite a lot of non-techie celebrities, film stars, pop stars, writers, etc., moving to the Internet, embracing this wonderful new medium of communication. Here are quite a few:

Tom Cruise:
Amitabh Bachchan:
Aamir Khan:

Though not many of the Hollywoodders started their own sites or blogs, it seems Bollywood stars are hard at it. I heard that several of Bollywooders have their own blogs. Also, celebrity blogs tend to get astounding amount of traffic within pretty short span of time; thanks to their mass appeal! It’s good to see that they don’t need to monetize their sites.

Special Notification

Can you believe a power failure that lasts six hours? That’s what happened here, shattering all my plans to publish a detailed more researched post today. But as I say, I have to publish at least a post a day, I am publishing this story anyway. It is now about midnight here in IST.

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