Google Webmaster Central Bespoke Exactly What I Expected of Outbound Links From Your Blog Posts

If you didn’t know, there is the link week going on in Google Webmaster Central blog, in which they discuss various aspects of link building, link selection, internal links, etc. Today, I found something corroborating to my findings: That external links to valuable related resources is good in terms of SEO and site rankings.

Thoughtful outbound links can help your credibility.

* Show that you've done your research and have expertise in the subject manner

* Make visitors want to come back for more analysis on future topics

* Build relationships with other domain experts (e.g. sending visitors can get you on the radar of other successful bloggers and begin a business relationship)

So said this post.

This is what I expected to see for a long time. Here are the points:

1. Search engine values the importance of your blog posts.

2. Search engine rates the importance according to the content’s usefulness

3. Relevant links add to content’s usefulness pretty well.

So, no matter what, if you link out to good resources, which have more information of the post you are writing about, it means a lot in terms of SEO and it will definitely cause some higher rankings on Google.

Of course the post discusses what is not good for a post, such as having too many outbound links.

Linking out has these benefits:

* The links cause the good resource you are linking out be recognized and rank higher.
* It helps your page be ranked higher
* It helps users rate your site as a hub, from which they can get valuable information as well as links to valuable information.

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