How to Check the Display of Your Blog/Website in Multiple Browsers and Platforms?

Tom publishes a blog on latest Windows applications. He publishes out of his iMac. Tom uses iMac for all his browsing, publishing, writing, etc. What if his blog is not displayed properly on a Windows system? His blog is targeted for Windows users, and it is not displayed properly on Windows systems at all.

This is the case with many websites. Haven’t you found every now and then websites that don’t display on your browser properly and closed it?

Checking the display of your website/blog on various browsers and platforms is very important for professional blogs. There are quite a few services for this, but almost all are paid ones. Now, we have an entirely free service to do the job— You may just submit your site address within BrowserShots and select the platforms and browsers you need the display checked in. Wait a few moments and reload the page to see the screenshots on your selection of browsers and platforms. Within BrowserShots, you have, perhaps, the largest selection of browsers and platforms.

The problem that causes website display errors may be bad coding. Check your website if it is compatible with W3C standards. If the site doesn’t conform to the rules, make necessary changes to make it validate.

However, just W3C validation is not enough for the sites to display properly. If the site doesn’t display properly, you have to analyze deeper to know the real cause of the error. Check the display of your website

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  1. You can also run virtual machines and test yourself. I run 13 different browsers on my main machine and a slew of others across various platforms in virtual mode. Mac OSX, 6 flavors of Linux, and windows from 3.11 to 2k8 serevr. You can see screen shots here


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