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Dear readers, today you are reading the 200th post in CuteWriting, the creative writing help blog. I thank all those who supported me, who linked to my posts, who commented on this blog, who dugg the posts I submitted to various social media communities, and who befriended me on various social networks and social media groups.

Readers, without your participation and grace, I wouldn’t have reached this level.

Until recently, I had other people to submit my posts to various social media systems, and manage my social networks. But now on, I am taking up the task upon myself. I have found that most of my social media profiles are studded with only posts from CuteWriting. I haven’t unearthed and submitted the best posts from my readers, other bloggers. I will do so in the coming days. Also, due to pure promotional activities on this blog, I almost forgot to read the blogs of several of my readers. I want to do that now and link out to those posts that have good content.

Submit your URLs to this blog, through the contact form. I would like to work more with my readers and build higher relationships as CuteWriting is growing in popularity. If not now, I will not be able to build better relationships in the future. So, go ahead, submit your blogs, subscribe to CuteWriting, be my friend in social networking communities, and suggest me ideas for newer posts.

100th post on CuteWriting

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6 Opinions:

  1. Week one, post #11 on my new blog! Yours was one of the first I added to my Google Reader! I hope I can stay as faithful to my blog as you have ... congrats!


  2. wow! congratulations!!

    you do a good job. i always love to read this blog.

    keep it up!

  3. Congratulations Mr.Lenin... Looking forward to read 1000th post in cutewriting....

  4. Thanks, Devita, Thanks Subramaniyan for your continued support. You will definitely see this blog continuing to exist. This is my first flagship blog and it will be there till Blogger service is there.

  5. Lenin.. Congratulations!
    This might be the first time I am commenting here, but I am a subscriber since months. Yours is a great blog, not only for onscreen reading purposes, your posts are the ultimate reference material! I have taken printouts of many of your posts and refer to them regularly :)
    Your series on Popular Idioms and Usage? Awesome!
    Your posts about combating Writer's Block? Unmatchable!
    Short Stories by popular writers? Marvelous!
    About Touch Typing, Link Building Techniques, Punctuation Tips, Blog Marketing and Advertising, Blog Technicalities, ...

    Whoa! I can go on an on! Each post is awesome!

    It won't be surprising if you become the topmost blogger of the country one day.

    Keep the posts coming!

  6. Dear Rajat, people like you are the pillars on which the house like me is standing. Thanks a lot for the comment. I just visited your blog. Impressive. I put it in the list of blogs to visit.


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