Professional Blogging Part I: Distinguishing Characteristics of a Professional Blogger

There are bloggers like Darren Rowse, who track 600 plus sites every day. 600+ feeds. There are bloggers who don’t track one feed. There are bloggers who post daily five times, and those who post once every five days. There are people who blog for money and those who blog for passion. Here we will see the characteristics of the best professional bloggers.

Blogs for the Love of It

Blogging should be deemed as a profession or career line. Just as any other profession, there should be enough passion to succeed in this. The problem of working out of your home is that you tend to rate it lower than working under a boss. However, if you have passion enough for blogging, you will do it well.

Doesn’t Blog for Money

There is a separate post itself, I wrote recently: are you blogging for money? Blog for money if you need some quick bucks. But if you need long-term success, fame, and of course money, blog what you love to blog. That’s exactly why I started a blog on creative writing. I could have started a blog on share trading, electronic gadgets, legal topics, etc., which will earn far more than a niche like creative writing. But I was sure that such blogs would die out within a month or two when the passion would die out and the earnings wouldn’t be great.

If you ask the most famous bloggers out there, you will know one fact for sure—that none of them began their blogs for the love of money making from it.

Contributes to Blogosphere

A true blogger doesn’t limit himself to his blog. He contributes profusely to other blogs, works for other bloggers, promotes other bloggers’ posts, collaborates through social networking and social media, and tracks a lot of feeds.

Contribute to CuteWriting

Uses Minimal Ads

As you grow richer and more famous, reduce the number of ads you display. It is OK to display enough ads on your first days to earn enough money each month. Once your earnings hit a good amount each month, you should make the blog a little more reader-friendly by limiting the number and placement of ads.

Loves His Blog

Yes, a professional blogger’s love for his blog can be seen quite easily. His posts will be of high quality, his design will be distinguishably user friendly and good-looking. Such characteristics of a professional blogger are very important for success. Most professional bloggers do update their blogs several times in a week. They answer user questions fast, they post what the users need, and they research well for their posts.

Updates His Knowledge

A professional blogger on a particular niche updates his knowledge on a daily basis. He has a list of publications he reads daily, does a lot of brainstorming, writes a lot, experiments a lot, and learns a lot. Otherwise, he will have nothing new to contribute to his niche and that will dry out his readership.


This is just an overview of professional bloggers’ methods. We will see more in this series of articles.

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