Vocaboly: Vocabulary Building Software Application for All Learning Levels

Today, I would like to invite your attention to a software program that really helps build your vocabulary—Vocaboly. With more than 12,000 words already in it, Vocaboly is perfect for examinations like GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, GRE, etc.

To the list of 12,000 words, you can add newer words as well. It’s simple interface helps you learn new words well without relying on complex graphics.

The tucows-award winning program comes as a low-priced, free trial version. You can download the trial software from here: Vocaboly trial. The full version is priced at $39.9.

Main Features

The major features of Vocaboly are these:

Big Vocabulary: Vocaboly has 12,000 words with phonetic symbols and pronunciation.
Word cards: Flash cards that help you learn words faster.
Word difficulty level: Each word has a difficulty level, from zero to five.
Multi-user support
Word ticker: Which displays the words automatically
Recall: To recall meanings of individual words
Spelling: Which spells the words by meaning
Listening test
Multi-choice test
Games like Memory game, Star war game, etc.


1: Startup
Vocaboly startup screen
2: Main Window
Vocaboly main window
3: Memory game
Vocaboly memory games
4: Multi-choice questions
Vocaboly multi-choice questions

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