New Comment Systems May Not Give You DoFollow Links

If you are using the popular tweak in Firefox browser, to detect Nofollow links right from the page itself (nofollow comment links are shown in special font and style), detailed here, then you need this post.

I found that there are a few new comment systems, such as Disqus comments, that may show the comment links as normal links. So, you may think that the blog is DoFollow, while it is actually NoFollow. These systems use a JavaScript code to enable comments. So, make sure you check the source code of the page to see if any of the links is displayed in the source at all before commenting for link juice. An example of the blog that uses this is marketer, Jim Kukral's.

With this, I am starting this new little post category, Blogging Tidbits, which, as opposed to Blogging Tips, will have lightweight tip posts.

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