Blogging Tip: Make Your Content Look Better on RSS Feeds

Several of my friends enquired me why I am keeping all my font styling inside the post and not in my external CSS Stylesheet. Here is the answer.

I have been seeing consistently that out of hundreds of RSS feeds that I have in my reader, it's CW that looks the best. It has the just the exact font style and color that I want.

When I have my font style clearly defined in each post, it gets transferred to my RSS feed. On the other hand, external stylesheet doesn't have any effect on feeds. Therefore, all normal feeds will look stale in their universal Arial 10 pt font and bold headings on feeds though they may have individual styles in their blogs, while mine will be the same at both places. I use Verdana 10 pt for body and green color with slightly larger font size for titles. All these will be visible in the RSS feed, making mine very cool on the eyes; you will notice this difference from other professional blog RSS feeds. Therefore, my advice is you not use external stylesheet in your post page formatting. Just format the content as you would normally in HTML and publish.

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