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Simple Steps To Protect Precious PDF Documents

There are very few things in business, education, or personal matters that are as important as protecting intellectual property. Securing intellectual property comes in many forms. When we are dealing with material in the digital age this means we must secure the electronic documents we create and distribute.
The gold standard for electronic documents is the PDF. These documents are the gold standard because they're easy to create, manipulate, and share. One of the most interesting features is that they appear identical on any device which makes them very useful for personal and business purposes. It doesn't matter what device is used to look at a PDF document, it could be a smart phone or a 10-year-old computer, everyone sees the same thing.
Creating PDF documents is easy, but it's even easier to leak sensitive information to the world through carelessness. Never forget to secure your documents! There's really no excuse in leaving PDF documents unsecured because there a…