New Additions to Blog!

  1. Contact Form Added!

Dear friends, this is a blog notification. Now, you can contact me through the newly added contact form in CuteWriting.

Blogger doesn’t quite support a way to contact the blogger. Only a commenting option is available. How, then, would a reader contact the writer?

One way for this is placing an email link to the blog owner’s email address. But this is more of a trouble, since the email spam bots will scan the link and spam the writer. To avoid this problem, I have now put up a new service within my blog, with the help of EmailMeForm website. They have a dedicated hosting page within which my contact form is hosted. Here is the contact me link, using which you can send me an email.

Among other paid services, EmailMeForm maintains a very good free service. If you check out my contact form, you will find that it is complete with fields for your name, email address, website, and even a captcha to check spams.

I have included some special fields as well, for tracking your experience of this blog. Hope you will use the form more often to contact me. I am putting a full stop to the Feedburner Feedflare snippet at the bottom of the page. Its contact form will be available from now on, only in the feed.

  1. New Google Custom Search Engine

Now, you can search my blog with the Google custom search’s neater, slicker search box on the top right corner. To all those bloggers out there, let me tell you, the standard position of a search box is always the top right corner. It is the spot where most of the users look for a search box, so maintain your search widget there.

I have a plan to make a DoFollow search engine within CuteWriting. If DoFollow blog owners out there wish to get their blogs featured in this search engine, please let me know your blog URL through my contact form.

History Today

In my last post today, I could not include this, so including in this post. Today is the birthday of popular American fiction writer, Dan Brown (The Da Vinci Code). Though he is not regarded as a literary genius, I love his books. All four of them have been wonderful thrillers. Happy birthday, Dan! Keep writing more of such works.

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