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Major Advantages of Guest Blogging in Professional Blogs

When you own a blog, your major aim is twofold—that’s for most bloggers—first, giving useful original content to the readers, and second, monetizing your blog for you to quit your day job and concentrate on your first objective full time. The most important aspect that will get you to the status of a full-time, earning blogger is traffic. And for traffic, you need to optimize your blog for search engines, and market the content appropriately. Here we will look at Guest Posting as a marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy.

I believe guest posting is a win-win situation for both sides. When you post as a guest to other more popular blogs, you can get backlinks to your own blog, and backlinks are to SEO what aorta is to heart.

Guest Posting Advantages for the Guest

1. SEO Side

When you post as a guest to other blogs, you are in control over the content, and hence you can place links to any relevant article on your site in the guest post. These links are highly beneficial for your blog in terms of SEO. Usually the popular posts in highly popular blogs like those among the Technorati Top 100 get eventually very high PageRank and visitor statistics. The method is to appropriately research and post a highly engaging post that will become popular. So, if you get a backlink from such a post, it can shoot up the individual page you linked to in search ranking.

In terms of referred traffic also, guest post can pose high advantage. Many people may see this guest post, and may refer to it in their own blogs, with of course the name of the author, you, and possibly a link to your blog. And if the content is really popular (with daily hits of a thousand or five), then just imagine the sort of referral traffic the content can bring to your blog.

2. Brand Building

Of course, within your guest post, you can mention your name or your company name or whichever brand you are popularizing with link to your site. This is highly rewarding in terms of brand marketing.

3. Reach and Subscriptions

With the result of a huge referral traffic, just imaging how many more people may subscribe to your blog with one guest post to a popular blog. If you were a blogger, getting a hundred daily visits and you got an opportunity to post in a top 100 blog, getting 500 times your traffic daily, and if a fraction of 0.2 of the traffic decides to visit your blog, it will be a massive spike on your analytics. Remember, the spike will be permanent; tomorrow the same article is going to get as much visitors.

In terms of RSS subscriptions, you can feel the influence of this spike as well.

Advantages to the Host

I believe more advantage than the guest is to the host, however, at the risk of getting too many requests for guest posting.

1. SEO

Conent is king!? No! Regular Content is King, queen, princess, and prince!

Search engines love the blogs with regular content. And they will enjoy sustained traffic from them. What if you are a popular blogger and fell ill for a few days (maybe, not quite able to research and write your thorough posts)? You can rely on your guest posters to contribute and keep the content richness of your blog going during these painful days.

2. Workload Reduction

When you have a highly popular blog, you can get a hundred daily request for guest posting. These requests all may not contain a lot of worthy articles to post on your blog, for your readers, and you may have to reject quite a lot of them. However, when you visit and look at the quality of the requestor’s blog, you can assess the quality of the content. This way, you can weed out quite a few and assess the rest of the requests. You may do some minor editing: changes and addition of some links to any of your own resources, and publish the content. This way, you can reduce your workload to a minimum daily.

When you are to research and write and authentic post yourself, the time it takes may be quite a lot.

3. Vacations Galore!

Popular bloggers love to go on vacations. All the time! They can go on vacations, and enjoy life while the guest posters will continue to send the contributions. These contributions can be checked every day with a laptop on your vacation and directly post on your blog. You enjoy, they enjoy!

4. Link Love

Did you overlook that there is an opportunity to get some links into your specific posts through allowing guest posting. There is quite a number of guest posters who would love to show off to their readers that they posted as guest to a popular blog. And how do they do it? Of course by linking to their article on your blog.

5. Reciprocal Promotion

When you allow guest posting to a particular person and that person has quite a number of subscribers, who may not know of your blog, though popular yours is, you will get some of them subscribing to your blog for sure. This will elongate and strengthen your threads on the net.


Of course, guest posting, by the above advantages, one of the wonderful ways of mutual promotion. There is no other way in which bloggers can get a better search engine optimized promotion to their pages than guest posting. I advise all bloggers to try and contact top bloggers in their niche and request guest contribution.


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