Microblogging From Within Your Blog

Recently, with the advent of Twitter, Jaiku (whom Google acquired), Plurk, etc., microblogging is a sensation. A microblog is way of updating your readers on what's current about you; usually these updates are 150-character long. Everyone starts their day's schedule with Twitter opened and occasionally post a sentence as to what they are doing presently, updating their followers. Twitter continues to explode in popularity, and even many big social networks are gawking at the Twitter secret. Here we will check out a simpler way of microblogging-that through your own blog.

Advantages of Microblogging

The greatest advantage of microblog is that your readers can be current about you. Microblog entries are simple one-sentence long and can well express what you are doing now or share any article that you find interesting with your readers. Check out my Twitter profile here. I assure you, I am not a useful twitterer, at least for now.

You can promote your own site or blog with microblogging. If you build a good follower base in your Twitter or Plurk profile, tweeting your own articles will get you some more visitors to your site.

Readers love microblogs. They're simple, trendy, and effective. Microblogs help pervade ideas better than common blogs. This way, the connection with your readers is firmer. There is a chunk of useless content on the web, from people rewriting what A-list bloggers publish. In this sea of redundant content, people can easily get lost, unless they follow a popular blogger's microblog and get instant recommendations from him on good articles on the blogosphere.

Another advantage of microblog is that you can ask questions to your followers and get recommendations. If you are stuck at a writer's block, and need some suggestions for your daily post, you just need to post in your microblog: "Dear readers, what do you want to read today in my blog?" And you are sure to get article suggestions, which you can explore in the coming days.

Microblogging From Your Own Blog

My feed readers, if you check out CuteWriting site now, you will find that there is a widget added at the top, which says 'Today's Special'. It is a small text widget, with three or four bulleted updates, updated daily. These updates include anything that I have been or am doing on a particular day, share any interesting article or website I found, any nifty tips, and anything special about CuteWriting. This is an example of a microblog within a blog.

Advantages of Microblogging Within Your Blog

One greatest advantage is that you can use your own blog as a microblogging platform. This way, your followers will visit your blog to get your updates, thus increasing your daily traffic.

Your feed readers, who generally view your articles from your feed, can visit your blog for your updates. Another way of attracting your feed readers to your site.

In your blog, you are not constrained by that 150-character limit. You can post a 2500-character long microblog post. However, it is advisable to post small updates, in one sentence or so, or as a link. This way, you can reproduce your Twitter profile within your blog, in a better way.

When you host your microblog in another platform such as Twitter, you can't monetize it. On the other hand, a microblog on your own site can be well monetized.

One other thing is that you can be creative on your microblog. In your normal daily blog posts, you are a lot constrained. You can't post what you did on a particular day, if your blog is all about a particular niche. For instance, I can't post my romance with a new girl I met as a big post on this blog for a day. It will instantly cost me ten readers, who visit my site for useful posts on my niche (that of creative writing, blogging, and publishing). You can limit your personal thoughts, experiences, and jokes to your microblog.

My Microblog

I recommend my readers to visit my site quite often to check out my microblog. It will definitely have some great suggestions and thoughts for you. It's arranged as a bulleted list. This way, you can check out my updates quickly. However, the microblog cannot be burned as a feed, and hence it is not possible for me to share it's feed with you.


Microblogging is an innovative idea in blogosphere. Here, microblogging from your own blog is another quite innovative idea. If you like this, start a microblog on your own site and share your thoughts.

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