Popular Idioms and Usages Part S

Here comes the Sth part of the popular idioms and usages series.

Sacred Cow: Somebody or something believed to be superior and above blame.

Safe pair of hands: A reliable person.

Safe sex: Sexual intercourse with the protection mechanisms such as condoms used.

Salad days: The days in one’s youth when he could be carefree.

Saved by the bell: Saved by an interruption at the eleventh hour (see Part E).

Savoir faire: Translated from French, meaning the ability to well deal with any situation.

Scot free: Completely free, without any consequences.

Sea change: A mystical change of circumstances. Arises from Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

Sent to Coventry: To be disregarded and persecuted.

Sex and shopping: A sort of novel or fiction in which the characters make a lot of sexual mating.

Sexton Blake: Fake. Cockney Rhyming slang

Shake a leg: To rise from bed.

Shank’s pony: Your own feet. Comes from the word ‘shank’, which is applied to the lower part of the leg.

Share and share alike: To share equally with all.

Sherman tanks: Yanks. Cockney Rhyming slang

Shit for brains: Stupid.

Shot across the bows: A warning shot

A shot in the arm: a Stimulant.

A shot in the dark: An effort at something

Shoot through: To leave or pass quickly.

Shuffle off this mortal coil: To die.

Shut your cake hole: To be quiet.

Skin and blister: Sister. Cockney rhyming

Sleep tight: Sleep well

Smiling like a Cheshire cat: Broad smile

Smoke and mirrors: Trickery or deception

Sold down the river: Cheated

Sour grapes: Performing meanly after disappointment

Spend a penny: Go to the toilet.

Spill the beans: To divulge a secret.

Spitting image: A dead ringer or exact image.

Square meal: A big meal

Stand and deliver: Stop giving advice

Stand up guy: A reliable friend

Star crossed lovers: Unlucky lovers

Steal a march: To gain an advantage.

Sticky wicket: A difficult situation

A stone’s throw: A short distance

Stool pigeon: A police informer

Straight from the horse’s mouth: From the highest authority

Straining at the leash: To be enthusiastic at something

Strike a deal: To engage in a deal

Stump up: To pay a debt

Stumped: With no way to proceed

Survival of the fittest: The theory that the fittest survive in any area.

Swan song: A final gesture

Syrup of figs: Wig. Cockney Rhyming slang

More of the idioms and usages will be added in the coming days, as the post gets refinement. I am in the process of rewriting and refining some of the old posts in CuteWriting that attract high readership. This is a process in every blog, to deliver the best content and refine the content over time, to include links to any relevant posts made recently and to correct any unforeseen errors.

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