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How to Build Insane Traffic to Your Blogs?

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Web trafficRecently, I searched for ways the pro bloggers use to build traffic to their sites. When you look at the most popular blogs, you will see they thrived merely through high quality content on their first few months. When they have some good readership and a truckload of high quality content, they will start to get organic links to their sites from newbie bloggers who dream to be like them in a few days.

In fact, what most people don't realize is that many of the high end bloggers don't share with you their extreme traffic tips. They know more than what they want you to know, such as "build high quality links", "submit to directories", "write quality post", "do social media submissions", etc. They are not lying to you. If you do all these, you will definitely have a high traffic blog in four years from now. But remember, you are competing with so many new bloggers out there that are really prepared to do what you do and more.

So, what is the trick to get high traffic within a few days itself? Here we will check out some of these means. I am giving you the tricks that I found myself, not taken from pro bloggers' lists.

1. Write About News in and out Your Niche

Yesterday, CuteWriting published an article about Abhinav Bindra, the Indian Olympic gold medalist. You want to know the effect of this particular post? It fetched, overnight, 300 search visitors from Google alone. Almost 400 visitors on a single day to the blog. Without this post, my usual traffic is around 200 with some 120 search visits.

You see the effect of news stories? Write about anything hot that makes sense. You can include them as special posts within your blog. If you write five news stories per day, all small articles, you can get your site to break to thousand visitors within a week's time.

2. Comment on Big Bloggers With Little Comment Love

The most popular blogs on the blogosphere are TechCrunch, Mashable, Labnol, Lifehacker, ReadWriteWeb, etc. Among these, ReadWriteWeb is special in that it gets very few comments on its posts. It seems their moderation policy is very strict. Such low comment blogs can make your relevant comments more conspicuous.

Mr. Lenin Nair recently commented on a post within ReadWriteWeb, and it fetched him several direct visitors. The effect of commenting on other blogs should never be underestimated. What if I tell you these articles you comment on get about 5,000 or 10,000 pageviews on a single day, and about 300 visitors went through the comments, and 55 people actually clicked a link you placed on your comment to come to your blog? It will be interesting, right?

3. Forums! Forums!

Digitalpoint forumsDigital Point Forums, in particular. These forums are highly visited. At any instant, the forum has at least a thousand viewers, spread in various threads. If you post relevant comments with relevant links on a popular thread, you can expect hundreds of visitors to your site just from that thread. Moreover, these links are DoFollow and carry good weight.

Subscribe to CuteWriting and await my article on the list of forums that really matter. I will give you several forums that can send enormous traffic to your sites.

4. Yahoo! Answers

This is another arena for highly targeted traffic. You have several questions posted on Yahoo! Answers and you can answer some of them. Yours may not become the best answer in the lot, however, it will fetch a few good visitors. Moreover, these questions are ranked high on all related search results. This way, you can target thousands of visitors that come looking for answers on Yahoo!

5. Facebook Networking

Have you ever tried to post a link to the Facebook marketplace and see its effect. Try it and watch. If you really post the link at the most appropriate marketplace, number of visitors directly from Facebook will astonish you.

Facebook marketplace is a highly visited entity within Facebook, thanks to 90 million active facebookers. Imagine if your link is picked up by a thousand people. You can target the posted link to a particular network or the entire Facebook networks. Imagine if you head a company selling share-marketing guidelines in Nevada, you have not many competitors, and you decided to put a link to Nevada Facebook marketplace pointing to your site? It will fetch hundreds of new visits and the result will be awesome.

6. Do Social Bookmarking, A Lot of It

This is a guideline that shouldn't be forgotten. We are not trying to get to the front page of Digg or anything. We are merely trying to make your site known far and wide.

There is a search engine phenomenon known as Google Dance. The effect is that Google doesn't send more than a limited number of visitors to your site on a particular day. There may be search terms for which you are ranking high such as "Investing in real estate". Let's imagine this search term has 500 searchers on a day. There are other fifty search terms for which you rank high as well, and collectively they can get you about 200 visitors on a day. With these statistics, why do you still get only 140 (or around) visitors on a day? The reason behind this is Google Dance. When you have reached your limit, Google merely ranks your site lower.

In order for you to cross thousands of visitors, you have to continue to do organic link building, SEO, etc. To get around this problem, the only way is social bookmarking. You have to submit to Digg, each of your posts. This way, even if your site is ranked low for a related keyword, the Digg page you submitted will still show up and it will send you indirect traffic. Submit to a twenty social bookmarking sites and you will have enormous indirect traffic from them. Watch out for my list on social bookmarking sites that really matter.

7. Press Releases

The importance of press releases is similar to the first tip I provided. There are a number of press release sites in this list (with of course a few that are not recommended). If you submit your press releases with incoming links from these releases, that will send you rumbling traffic. The most important thing about them is that being content-rich, they are loved by Google. Especially pages from the site, ranks very high in search results.

Hence, when you submit a press release with link to your site on one of these sites, it will fetch you a lot of indirect traffic. When CuteWriting published a post on the latest movie of Kamal Hassan, Dasavatharam, we got a lot of incoming traffic (still) from PRLog merely due to the press release submitted.

8. EntreCard Method

Entrecard logoWe recently advertised on EntreCard on a blog that gets a lot of activity, after methodically piling up our Entrecredits up to about 2000.

When advertising on a site on Entrecard, there are a lot of things to remember. Look at the blog in which you are advertising. You shouldn't purchase ad on a site that doesn't really have big traffic. That ad is not going to do anything for you, and the EntreCard interface won't tell you which site has high traffic. It merely tells you the sites that are popular. And popular sites are not high traffic sites.

In fact, to know which blog to advertise to, you have to check out various things, including, the blog's Alexa rank, PageRank, the time period it has been active, number of subscribers, the niche, etc. You know, certain blogs in EntreCard that don't have as much traffic as CuteWriting, gets more advertisement purchases than this blog.

9. Craiglist

Craiglist is the most trafficked classified advertisement site. Placing a classified ad with Craiglist is quite easy. The traffic of this site is insane. It goes into millions per day. So, placing a colorful description on Craiglist can fetch you hundreds of visitors to your site and offers.

10. Mass Email

Don't you often forward emails to your friends, with some cool photographs you found on the Net? Don't you get so many of such emails yourself? Why don't you just insert your blog's relevant page links on these emails and make them conspicuous?

The importance of these emails is that they are highly viral. Means, the people that receive the email, on seeing that they are forwarded, forward it to their friends and it goes on and on. This way, you can even touch the other end of the planet. So, be friends with many social networking partners and just start forwarding emails.


Those were the tips which can fetch you insane traffic within a few days. However, as I always say, your content is going to make your traffic stay. The main problem with news websites is that the visitors just come, read, and go. They don't subscribe or come back again. Content makes people subscribe. So, concentrate on content.

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Copyright © Gayatri Jayashankar 2008


  1. When you say insane traffic you are very right indeed that one should give utmost weightage to segments such as classifieds (Craiglist can be a boon really, forums particularly digital point and ofcourse press releases. I did'nt knew much about social bookmarking and mass e-mail. Anyways thanks for such a valuable traffic builder sources.

  2. Thank you for a great post! Although I'd tried some of these tips it had never occurred to me to try Craigslist or Yahoo! Answers. I'll try these great tips and pass them on!

  3. Nice tips, definitely hit some things that I've never even heard of... Entrecard? Sounds pretty darn cool. Gunna give it a shot.

  4. The social bookmarking idea & DP forrum has certainly worked for our site, we quickly got spikes in traffic when submitting some of our funny photos from the site to stumble upon and delicious book marking and posting of forums is paying off too .


  5. hello, glad to know that. Thanks for the comment.

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  7. This is a really helpful post right here. I like the idea of commenting on blogs and posting in forums. That ReadWriteLab result that you included seems great. I'm gonna make sure to use some of these tactics.

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